GameSpy: Diablo III Preview

GameSpy writes: "BlizzCon is buzzing with excitement as the long-awaited Diablo III is playable at the show. As soon as the doors opened we were queued up to play; as soon as the game was set up we elbowed our way past the kindly Blizzard dev team member and hunkered down for some clicking action. We played through the BlizzCon demo twice, once as a Wizard and again as a Barbarian. Our adventures began in a setting that will no doubt be near and dear to the hearts of former Diablo players: Tristram Woods.

Our adventure began in a small camp inhabited by a single guard that relayed to us his woeful plight. Tristram is a shade of its former self, as the region has been overrun by an undead plague. This last glimmer of human resistance is burning bodies in the camp, dropping friends and loved ones into a pyre, as burning corpses is their only recourse to keep from being overwhelmed by their kin risen against them. It's a very dark and grim opening to the game, eliminating any fears about Diablo III being a happy, cheerful sort of game."

+Incredibly detailed environments
+A multitude of death animations
+Improved interface
+Interesting class designs

-Inventory still limits your ability to loot
-Still very much a click-fest

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