The GTA Online Orbital Cannon Makes Pay-to-Win a Literal Term

With the recent Doomsday Heist update, RockStar went ahead and added an option that makes GTA Online literally pay-to-win: the Orbital Cannon.

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Phoenix7636d ago

I don't see how the orbital cannon can be called a pay to win feature. You can't use it when your in a race/TDM/mission , nor can you use it against another who is also within a race/TDM/mission. Yes I know you can use it to troll other players who are doing set up jobs whilst in free play mode, there by stopping/slowing them from acquiring the money/set up equipment needed for business. But in no way whatsoever does it win you match or anything else.

Elit3Nick36d ago

But it does allow you to "win" fights when free-roaming, since it allows you to bypass the actual effort needed to kill someone, and the victim has no measure to defend themselves with aside from hiding in their property.

zexetux36d ago

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KwietStorm36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I don't think you know what the term pay to win entails. It's not exclusively tied to winning a mission or a match or a race or a raid or whatever else a game offers. But it gives you a clear and dominant advantage over the other players, and sometimes even the AI, because you paid for something.

JackBNimble35d ago

For one you don't have to pay a dime, If you're smart enough could have just used in game currency.
And using it to troll players isn't paying to win anything. Maybe paying to troll.. Lol.

Most people bitching about Gta5 don't even play because it's too much of a grind.... Boo hoo....
There is no pay to win in Gta5, and the micro transactions give absolutely zero advantage considering you can buy all the in game money you want, but if you haven't put in the time to unlock guns, upgrades for cars, even paint jobs, then you can't even use them.

It eritats me when the hate crowd thinks they know what they are talking about. You haters don't know Jack Shit.

KwietStorm35d ago


You completely missed my point, or you replied to the wrong person.

Phoenix7635d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I fully understand the urban dictionary definition of what pay to win means Kwiet. And that this does full under that definition. But what I'm saying and this is my own opinion, I don't see how it is fully a pay to win thing as there is nothing at the end of it that gets you more than your competitors.
Yes you can improve your K/D ratio, but at the same time, your not getting back anything that will give you a clear advantage when doing competitive gaming within the next match or race, as it only affects freemode.
Now If people could use this against you, let's say in a TDM game, then yes, I to would say it is well outside acceptable reasoning.
But that is only my option though.

zb1ftw77736d ago ShowReplies(1)
PersonMan35d ago

Pay to Win IS a literal term. That's what it means! Pay money to get stuff that makes you win.