Why You Should Play Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune From Your Backlog

Backlog Critic "Another week, another PS4 exclusive that we had been chomping at the bit to try out since we got the console a few weeks ago. Part of the Nathan Drake Collection, which was release late in 2015, Drake’s Fortune, the first in the series was our first chance to play the smash hit series."

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Moonman333d ago

Because it's highly entertaining and fun. :)

JaguarEvolved333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Sony needs to release a 1080p capable handheld gaming device and make it possible to play all ps2 and ps3 games. I am going to buy the uncharted collection to play all the uncharted games before I play uncharted 4s campaign. Uncharted 1 seems like a good game

Enjoigamin332d ago

I would buy that.. the fact that my hard drive looks like a ram stick. I would say its defiantly achievable

Enjoigamin332d ago

Agree Moonman Agree for sure

Genuine-User332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

The only way I’ll play it again is through the collection, which I have done already.

frostypants331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

This. It's not as complex as the later games plot-wise. It's just a straightforward, fun Indiana Jones-esque game. And it does have a couple of the coolest/weirdest twists in the series...e.g. that sub (where you find it, how it got there and who it belonged to), and the craziness of the last act of the game. It also didn't take itself as seriously as, say, Uncharted 4, and in a way that's a good thing.

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PressXtoBacon333d ago

It's good but uhh.... it really hasn't aged well.

crazychris4124333d ago

I played through the Collection last year and fully agree with you. Animations, gameplay are janky and graphics are poor. Uncharted 2 on the other hand, one of the best games I've ever played.

PressXtoBacon333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Agreed. The original is pretty rough around the edges, especially the wave runner sections. But Uncharted 2, I don't care who you are, you have to love it. It's easily the best in the series.

LOL. I don't think OP agreed with me..

SuperSonic91332d ago

But UDF storytelling is very good

IamTylerDurden1332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

The funny thing is that U1 and U2 on the Drake Collection are much closer than they ever have been in terms of gameplay/technical due to the work by Blue Piont. I know u are just regurgitating the tired internet jargon of "there was a massive jump between U1 and U2, U1 is rough around the edges, U2 is the best in the series ect.." but i think ppl really undersell U1 and perhaps in some areas oversell U2. U1 was a fantastic game in its day, and the remaster makes it better and more playable than ever. U2 was a great game with iconic action sequences, it deserved praise, but it also wasn't entirely bulletproof either. The narrative gets janky and a bit cheesy towards the end and U3 was clearly more impressive from a technical/graphical standpoint.

I really believe that ppl forget what U1 meant in the context of its time. It was endearing, well paced, and well received. It was a major milestone for the action genre and it really took Naughty Dog to another level.

-Foxtrot333d ago

I still think it holds up in some places but obviously since ND has pushed graphics, animations and the like other games within the series are going to look better

In terms of the story, characters, the developments, the pace, the music...I think it's better then Uncharted 4.

coolbeans332d ago

-"In terms of the story, characters, the developments..."

Nah. A Thief's End outclasses it in those regards. {SPOILER?} Has a much more meaningful core without the reliance on 11th-hour monster of the week as a twist.

-"...the pace, the music..."

Most definitely. Pacing's the only thing keeping me from jumping headlong back into 4 for review-prep.

OB1Biker333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

I disagree.
I discovered the game with the remastered collection and boy I understood what I missed in the series.
Sure its not up to present day level on graphics, animation, etc but its still a dam good game and with a story / theme surprisingly catching.

plmkoh332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

Yep the bullet sponging enemies alone are enough to miss it. But as a gaming enthusiast it may be worth playing it learn about the origins of a solid foundation.

Definately would recommend to those who are interested from an education point of view.

UC3 though...absolutely love the shooting, masterpiece.

Enjoigamin332d ago

yeah disagree. Honestly Uncharted is one of the main reasons to own a PlayStation.

IamTylerDurden1332d ago

I disagree with you and crazychris4124. If we were talking about the original PS3 version then maybe i'd give some credence to your cliche argument, but we are in fact talking about the impressive Blue Point remaster. I know this is the by the numbers argument, but it really is the least applicable situation for the point u are trying to make. Blue Point did a masterful job of streamlining the 3 games and making them all feel comparable. They put the most work into Drake's Fortune bc they wanted the entire trilogy to look and play equally well, or as reasonably close as they could make it.

I bought and played Drake's Fortune in 2007 and then platinumed it on PS4 in 2016. In 2007 the game was a technical achievement and an extremely enjoyable experience. 8-10 years later it's no longer a technical achievement, but it is certainly still very enjoyable, and with the work Sony/Blue Point put into it it's actually very playable in 2017.

I actually marveled at how good the game looked and played in certain sections for 10 year old code. I honestly took some screenshots that were better than some actual native (AAA) PS4 games. If u only ever played Uncharted 4 or u went in expecting a 10 year old game to be 100% technically on par with a current game then i can't help you, but imo Drake's Fortune on PS4 holds up quite well especially considering the vast improvements and tweaks. I encourage anyone who hasn't played the original trilogy to start with Drake's Fortune from the Drake Collection as it is imo still very enjoyable.

Genuine-User332d ago

I have been a fan since the first game and I completely agree with you.

frostypants331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

No way man. I still play it about once a year. Love it.

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PhantomTommy333d ago

I still love the first game. The original on PS3 is pretty shocking by today's standards but the remaster on PS4 is a rock solid 60fps, fully v-synced and has no noticeable input lag so it plays great.

332d ago
Pantz332d ago

I like the uncharted games but I have a hard time coming to terms with how many people he kills in the pursuit of treasure.

Rhythmattic332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

I never did quander over the "murdering", I just enjoyed the game.
At the time, as new IP, Still one of my faves. ;)

PhantomS42332d ago

Never bothered me because it's a video game so there is going to be seemingly endless enemies that come out of nowhere and would in no way be collected in that large a quantity without drawing attention from the rest of the world and they are all trying to kill him so self-defense. That's like saying Mario is ridiculous because of how many Goombas he kills...while you are standing next to one of those pipes that spawn an infinite amount of goombas.

franwex332d ago

It’s kinda in self defense. Like, why do those dudes gotta actually kill me? Can’t they just scare me away, or tie me up or something?
Nope. They have to unload their magazines and throw granades at me.

IamTylerDurden1332d ago

It's a pulp action game, especially the early ones, give me a break.

OB1Biker332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

That goes along with Mario is a murderer theory.These are bloody video games and the more 'people' you 'kill' the merrier for entertainment.

Razzer332d ago

New to video games, huh?

coolbeans332d ago

It's rather telling to see just how many people pass off the "it's just a game" excuse (incl. the agrees here) rather than taking your thoughts and challenging based ON the context provided in the game.

rainslacker332d ago

Maybe it it wasn't from Pantz, who can't find a reason to like any Sony exclusive game.

But, to be fair, and live up to your challenge, since you seem to feel it's important, it is a video game. Video games, at least of this nature, require some kind of antagonist to drive the action. That action in turn drives the narrative. If there was no antagonist, then the complaint would be that it's just a walking simulator. Realistically, a treasure hunter probably isn't going to run into hundreds of armed hooligans trying to murder them. If treasure was so easy to find, then it wouldn't be lost anymore. It's the adventure, and with the nature of the game, that adventure is filled with cliched armed Indiana Jones style antagonism.

To further that analogy. One of the most well known and loved scenes in movies is when Indiana Jones just pulls out a gun and shoots a guy after a rather impressive display of sword work. Never once have I heard anybody go on about how he just shoots the guy and walks away, or people lament over the countless nazis he's killed in the pursuit of some treasure.

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Profchaos332d ago

The old games have aged pretty badly compared to 4 and the lost legacy I just can't get into them any more

IamTylerDurden1332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

They actually haven't aged poorly, not the remastered version. I get that argument when playing a non remastered PS2 game on PS4. I played the original Red Faction games on PS4 and they are painfully antiquated and difficult to get through, but The Nathan Drake Collection plays and looks better than many current/native PS4 games. They weren't even terribly old when the Drake Collection hit PS4 in 2015. Hell, U3 was merely 4 years old and still a legitimate looker. Boot up U3 from the Drake Collection on your PS4/a good TV and it looks better than half the current gen AAAs.

Akarogg 332d ago

UC1 is certainly the worst of the bunch

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