Sea of Thieves' Alpha Had 356,192 Users; Lots of Statistics Revealed as Beta Invites Roll Out

As players take part in the laborious process of going from lame landlubbers to legendary pirates, Rare shows off the statistics of Sea of Thieves' alpha.

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Einhander1971306d ago

If this is the best MS can up with no wonder I don't own Xbox:(

akbennyewu306d ago

I cannot be happier that you will be no where me while I am enjoying this game.

Angainor7306d ago

Oh my, how will the Xbox brand live without you ;(

PsBoxGamer306d ago

We live great without Jim lol

Gunstar75306d ago

It's really because you're poor though.

Lol - peasant

Usperg306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

356k for an Alpha alone seems that the best they could come up with is paying off!!!

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LateNightThirst306d ago

Can't wait for this game, not a person whose played at E3 or other demos have come away bored or not impressed

306d ago
FlyGuyHung306d ago

Which is exactly why i have avoided every beta, alpha etc. I just dont want to spoil that rush of hopping in for the first time. Im very impressed this many people have taken part. Guess ill be one of the day 1 noobs. Also im worried this game will only be fun for a short time so im avoiding any pre-released versions in hopes of getting as much out of the retail release as possible.

DiRtY306d ago

The game looks like a lot of fun IMO

306d ago
WickedLester306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

If I play this single player, what do I do? Are there clear, defined objectives? Is there a story? Do you actually "complete" the game and then you keep playing or is this one of those endless grinders where you just do the same things over and over with no sense of progression?

Kribwalker306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

there’s an entire campaign, plus endgame content. it’s a MMO style game, so there are quest and bounties, they have said there will be raid kind of activities as well. your best option would be to preorder the digital version, try the beta then if you don’t like it cancel it

jukins306d ago

Worried about the progression long-term. In most mmos once you put time in you want things to represent that over newbies but it was fun for the little bit I played

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