Star Citizen's Alpha 3.1 Detailed; Main Focus Will Be Performance

Star Citizen's Global Head of Production Erin Roberts provides details on the upcoming alpha 3.1 update, that will be released in Late March.

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PressXtoBacon254d ago

Can they finally deliver on their promises?

fisok253d ago

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EazyC253d ago

Promises aren't delivered via updates, in my opinion. I guess they can mitigate the failure, as was the case with NMS

fluxmulder253d ago

Look at all that junk in the background. Great use of backer money.

Abriael253d ago

wow, they dare to have posters! where are the pitchforks!

General Shrooms253d ago

As the game gets further along people have to find other bullshiz to criticize.

Abriael253d ago

So they have an office space. Whohooo.

SolidGear3253d ago

Main focus should be finishing the damn game! O_O

2pacalypsenow253d ago

6 Years and still in Alpha.. Why do people give them money?