Super Meat Boy's Day 1 Nintendo Switch Sales Rival Xbox 360

Super Meat Boy's Day 1 Nintendo Switch sales rival the game's heyday release on Xbox 360, according to a Tweet from developer Team Meat.

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Sgt_Slaughter309d ago

The Switch and PS4 are amazing for the indie scene currently, it's awesome to see how many get full releases or advertised by the console makers.

PlayStationswitch308d ago

Yes they are. For me the switch is perfect for Indies that I would never play on the PS4. Just like on the vita, Indies feel like a perfect fit on the switch

Gemmol308d ago

Nice user name I'm on same team

PlayStationswitch308d ago

Thanks. The Ps4 and switch are definitely the 2 systems worth owning if u want the best exclusives while still having multiplats.

Prince_TFK308d ago

The Switch has been home to many good selling games. This is good news, as more and more devs will try to bring more games to the platform.