Can the Nintendo Switch Handle a Dark Souls Remaster?

Love it or hate it, we all remember our first time playing Dark Souls. The game's highs and lows are impossible to forget, figuratively and literally. In the same vein, nobody can forget the horror that was Blighttown.

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masterfox6d ago

lol Remaster?, in the Switch?, I wonder how many will fall for that. XD

mikeslemonade5d ago

So it’s the same as the PS3 version but faster load times, got it

Kun_ADR5d ago

“The remastered Dark Souls will add a new coat of paint to the land of Lordran and presumably make the Bell Gargoyle’s flame breath look even cooler. It will also feature an improved framerate and resolution from the original and come with the Artorias of the Abyss DLC.”


wonderfulmonkeyman5d ago

Yes, it can and will handle it.
I'm sure they've figured out how to fix Blight Town by now.

Father__Merrin5d ago

Switch version is the lowest version of this game it won't be as detailed as the other versions and runs at 30 instead of 60. Not that 30 is bad but I think at least it should be cheaper

Shiken5d ago

But can I play the others during my downtime at work?

SilverDemon5d ago

I can, with ps vita and remote play on my ps4

Shiken5d ago


Oh cool! Tell me how to get my Vita to do that without Wifi at work! I cannot figure it out...

SilverDemon5d ago

1. we do have wifi at work
2. even so,I can use my phone to connect my vita to the internet

Shiken5d ago (Edited 5d ago )


1. Not always, depends on job location.

2. You need a great net connection just to have MINIMAL input lag. Using your phone would do little to prevent that. Furthermore the net speed at work might not be on par either. Even then, there will still be hicups.

Source, Evil Within 2, Fallout 4, Destiny, and CoDAW on my own Vita with my PS4 hooked up to my net of 130 MB speeds. In all intances, I have experienced lag, youtube quality streaming, and in some cases dropped audio under stress.

Spin it all you like, Vita Remote Play cannot hold a candle to playing games on the go on your Switch, not by a country mile.

Also, the low rez screen of the Vita will ensure image quality is ALWAYS lower than the Switch on top of everything, even it if streams on the highest speeds possible.

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Kun_ADR5d ago

So now framerate dictates how much a game should cost?

Lmao, now I have seen everything.

quent5d ago

Then why has console games always been more expensive then the PC version ?

DwightSchrute015d ago

Lol you have waaay too much time and salt on your hands to be stalking every Nintendo article like this. Lol

What did Nintendo ever do to you to make you so bitter, did Nintendo sleep with your mum or steal your girl or something lmao. You insecure Sony fanboys are hilarious 😂 😂 😂

Can't wait for dark souls on the switch, will be a day one purchase for me.

Kun_ADR5d ago

These guys appear on almost every Switch articles. Either they have too much freetime on their hands or it just one person with multiple alt accounts.

greywolf395d ago

Well, if ps3 and xbox 360 could switch can do it much better. It is more powerfull than those to machines. I hope the Guy writing the article knows that, right?

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