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Rob Pitt writes: I think it’s fair to say that a lot of people have been on the fence about VR over the last 12 months, is it worth investing into a VR headset device or are there only ‘experiences’ available for it? I have nothing against the odd experience, but people want games – real, full games. In 2017 we received a few of these on PSVR; Resident Evil VII, Skyrim, Paranormal Activity and The Invisible Hours to name a few. 2017 signed off with another big title game which had made the jump to VR, Doom VFR; however, instead of this following the likes of Skyrim VR, it is a brand new experience which can only be played in VR on PC or PlayStation. The team have taken a different approach with Doom and opted for a few ‘interesting’ yet annoying mechanics which may or may not impact on your ability to enjoy the title. So, come with me as I journey to Hell as I see if Doom’s VFR is an abbreviation of ‘Virtual F**king Reality’ or ‘Very F**king Rubbish’…

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