5 Reasons Why The World Ends With You Remix is a Big Deal

On January 11th, 2016, a Nintendo Switch remix of The World Ends with You was announced. This list covers TWEWY's changes and reasons for excitement.

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Moonman103d ago

This was an E3 like surprise for me. :)

cleft5102d ago

Same, it was the biggest news of the Direct. I am so glad to see the game get a remix version.

vergilxx3102d ago

Biggest new was that this 10 years old port will be 60 dollars

PhoenixUp102d ago

“On January 11th, 2016, a Nintendo Switch remix of The World Ends with You was announced.”

This remix was announced two years ago? Lolwut

DJK1NG_Gaming102d ago

not the same game. The mobile version didn't have the new 7 days story content.

PhoenixUp102d ago

What dafuq are you talking about

pietro1212102d ago

Square announced a new story with the Switch version

PhoenixUp102d ago

What dafuq does that have to do with my comment?

Unlimax102d ago

If it wasn't a sequel then Its not .. its the mobile version ported to the switch with extra chapter .. that's about it
why are people pretending like this version doesn't exist lol

Kun_ADR102d ago

No one pretending that the mobile version doesn’t exist. People are excited because for the first time in years people got to play this with controller with additional chapters and cutscenes as you had said. Plus, it is the first time that they can play it on TV as well.

addictedtochaos102d ago

Unfortunately they are charging $60 for this.

instantstupor102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Yea, that blew my mind. Adding some new bits to a game as old as this and charging full console price for what was a full priced handheld game seems pretty cash-grabby to me.

I mean, you can get the DS version for under $30 new, you can buy it on mobile for under $20. It just seems like a super strange price point. But Nintendo seems to be charging full price for remasters right now which is a weird thing given the industry has mostly fallen in line with the $40 price point for things like these - occasionally getting 2 games for $40. Hopefully they come to their senses.

GameBoyColor102d ago

* square, nintendo didn't make this game.

Segata102d ago

How is Nintendo responsible for 3rd parties setting prices? Nintendo didn't make the games FFS.

addictedtochaos102d ago

To be fair Square is setting the price for this not Nintendo.

instantstupor102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Good point all, this one was not Nintendo. I slotted this in along side Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze being sold for $60 and got Square tangled in with that. I guess that's what the market will bear since this (Square), DK (Nintendo) & Hyrule Warriors (Koei Tecmo) are all being sold for $60. But games like Dark Souls Remastered are selling for the generally accepted $40 price point for remasters. So I don't know. Make of it what you will.

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Outlawzz102d ago

Really? where is it listed for $60? .. definitely not purchasing until a steep discount if that's the case

RosweeSon102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Which will happen mere weeks after launch if they try that price but wouldn’t surprise, it’s not exactly cheap on App Store (its a rip off haha) well it’s not but nearly £20. That price id just get it on DS or try to but nah just get Switch Version once it’s been out a while

addictedtochaos102d ago

GameStop has it listed at $60.

pietro1212102d ago

We don't know that yet. Game stop has $60 listed because that is a place holder price until Square announced something.

Nebaku102d ago

I tried the game on the DS after hearing all of the hype, but just could not get into it. The story/characters were fine, but the battle system is just a complete mess and makes no sense.