Report: PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Has Hours of Cinematics

Sony Interactive Entertainment's upcoming PS4 exclusive Days Gone appears to have a whole lot of cinematics telling the story of Deacon St. John.

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Nyxus308d ago

I hope so. The reveal trailer had a great tone.

SourtreeDing308d ago

hours of cinematics... so what is that a bad thing lol...
everything is bad now a days.

Abriael308d ago

Doesn't look to me that he's describing it as a bad thing?

Brian7655492308d ago

Not a bad thing at all as long as the gameplay is also compelling without the overuse of quick time events. This is Sony's forte, story driven action games and they are good at it.

bolimekurac308d ago

it was when quantum break had hours of cinematic but now its ok i guess

G20WLY308d ago

^Quantum Break had ENTIRE live action episodes breaking up what little gameplay there was!

Hardly equivalent to even what we've seen so far of the interactivity offered by Days Gone... Nice try though 👍

rainslacker308d ago

If it were a short game I'd say probably a bad thing. But for a fairly decent long game, it's not really that much.

morganfell308d ago

"it was when quantum break had hours of cinematic but now its ok i guess"

Can you tell me which version of Quantum Break you purchased? I must have picked up the cheaper version that wasn't open world. Can you tell me how the label is marked so I get the correct one?

And I say this as a person that DOES NOT DISLIKE QUANTUM BREAK. But I understand why many people did not care for it. You are grasping at straws attempting to compare two titles from wholly different genres. Linear SP game (and I like those sorts of titles) vs an Open World title (and I like those too). But they are different games.

monkeyporn308d ago

UH YEAH it is when your paying $60.00 for a game. Hours of cinematic trailers means LESS actual game play. I'm not paying for cinematic trailers I'm paying to play the game.

S2Killinit308d ago

its gonna be awesome. I really can't wait to play this one.

NecrumOddBoy307d ago

Quantum Break has four 30min episodes. That's just over 1 hour. Plus the game was super short.

kreate307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Late shift is entirely a cinematic experience. And I loved it.

If u don't like these games, don't buy it. However the game is not out yet to really judge or criticise.

Tru_Blu307d ago

As long as you can skip it, nothing worse then going through a game again for trophies or what not and having to watch long ass cutscenes. First world problems lol

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Deep-throat308d ago ShowReplies(13)
IGiveHugs2NakedWomen307d ago

Horizon Zero Dawn more than 4 hours worth of cinematics and it didn't affect the quality of the game. In fact, the cinematics only added depth to the gameplay.

generic-user-name307d ago

That's a good point, in an open world game with dozens of hours of content, even 4 hours of cutscenes doesn't feel like a lot.

I never felt like horizon has lots of cutscenes anyway.

Uken12307d ago

Honestly it depends on how they implement it. If it is anything like MGS4 where you watch a 30 min cinematic and then go down a hallway to watch another 30 min cinematic, then I think it would be bad. But if it is split up well enough to where you are getting some good game time in, then it should be fine. Probably just make it better in ways. Like ND does it basically.

This game definitely looks fun to me.

Uken12306d ago

Lol you don't understand what I said do you? I wasn't saying anything that it would be like MGS. I was just using that as an example.

I understand it's an open world game. I never said the story would be a bad thing in this game. I was just stating where story can be too much and actually make you lose interest in the game. Which is why some people are not fans of long cutscenes or too many of them.

BlackTar187307d ago

He just said 4 30 min episodes that are 1 hr all together rofl can't make this stuff up lol

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ArchangelMike308d ago

I love story and story-telling in games. Most of the highest ranking games, and those deemed to be classics have great stories. Now saying that, gameplay also has to be top-notch!

bolimekurac308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

yeah because mario had such a huge story and pacman and donkey kong. wipeout, tekken too.....(sarcasm) most of the biggest games ever had little to no story, pubg is the latest, tetris and so on

DedicatedDark307d ago

You cannot expect logic in n4g, especially when it comes to anything playstation.

Sunny_D307d ago

Do you understand what the phrase “Most of” means?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen307d ago


TLOU, Uncharted, Zelda, Persona, Metal Gear Solid, Suikoden, Final Fantasy, Syphon Filter, Tenchu, etc, etc, etc.

bolimekurac307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

for every game you mention with a story someone can find 2 without. stories can be great in games and other games simply dont need them because the game is that good. stories are great and all but i rather them spend time on gameplay and less on cinematics which many just skip

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jixasewiy307d ago

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GamesMaster1982308d ago

Excellent news now this is my type of game. Day 1 buy for me.

AspiringProGenji308d ago

I guess some people expected this to be bad news lol. This is an open world game so there will be lots of gameplay obviously. As long as the gameplay is there, cinematica are not a problem. And if you don’t like them, skip them!

alb1899307d ago

That is true. As long as the gameplay is good and long it doesn't matter.

OB1Biker308d ago

Exactly its good news. Though it was sort of predictable since its a story driven game. Its not just a 'zombie shooting game' as some people say. Its telling a story

showtimefolks308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

good i like that my issue with MGS5 was it didn't have many Cinematic scenes. As long as the story is good i don't see how that's an issue. I don't know why but i feel like a lot of people will over look this game that is why it should be released when there isn't much launching around it

the E3 when it was revealed there wasn't much crowd at days gone booth

i think for once sony did a poor job of introducing and showing the game

OB1Biker308d ago

I strongly disagree man. I think the reveal was awesome. Possibly misunderstood for some people but it showed story focus, adrenaline filled action, motorbike in open world etc I think people not liking the reveal just didnt pay attention enough.

showtimefolks307d ago

I agree I am buying it I hope it succeeds man. This is the first game from bend for home console in a long time