PS4 vs Xbox One vs Switch Europe Lifetime Sales – November 2017

The PlayStation 4 outsold the Xbox One by 491,601 units for the month and the Switch by 766,958 units. The Switch outsold the Xbox One by 275,357 units.

When you compare monthly sales to a year ago the Xbox One is up and the PlayStation 4 is down. The PlayStation 4 is down by 24,191 units and the Xbox One is up by 280,209 units.

Looking at market share for the month, the PlayStation 4 managed to achieve 53 percent. The Switch accounted for 30 percent of the consoles sold, and the Xbox One 17 percent.

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Kiwi66306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

This bit is interesting "when you compare monthly sales to a year ago the Xbox One is up and the PS4 is down. The PS4 is down by 24,191 units and the Xbox One is up buy 280,209 units." even though the Xbox was outsold but the other two

Kiwi66306d ago

So I find that bit interesting or is that wrong so why people are down voting is hilarious

DwightSchrute01306d ago

You can't say anything that paints Sony in a bad light on this site, even if it's factual.

The smallest critic will lead to barrage of hate and dislikes from salty Sony fanboys.

That's just the way the cookie crumbled on n4g.
I find their insecurities very funny. I just laugh at them lol

Prince_TFK306d ago (Edited 306d ago )


You should have visited the comment section at IGN. There are many delusional fanboys here at N4G, but boy oh boy IGN just take the cake. What’s worst, the mods there do absolutely nothing about it. Every positive Switch or Xbox articles there draw out the delusional fanboys in swamp.

ABizzel1306d ago

I guess it's not really interesting once you think about it. PS4 was down by less than 3%, which pretty much means sales are at a consistent peak, and will likely reach an all time high for 2018 due to its game line-up and possibly and official price drop down to $199 around September / October, and $199 bundles for November. IT could also be the year PS4 breaks 10m sold in a year for EU (they sold over 8m this year) which would put them at 37m, and depending on its lifecycle the PS4 realistically has a chance of becoming the best selling console EVER in EU. If PS5 launches in 2021 PS4 will challenge DS for the number 2 spot, and PS2 for the number 1 spot, if it launches 2020 then it might have to settle for 3rd. That's what I find interesting.

As far the Xbox. It's boost should obviously be from the XBO-X which launched in November. So there were gamers upgrading and some buying a new Xbox whether the slim or the X because the price or performance. So the Xbox is up 76% due to the launch of the XBO-X and a sub $200 XBOs.

So good job for both of them for the month of November, and hopefully the XBO-X and XBOs can keep that momentum going for MS, so they can get out of this rut of selling less than 3m consoles per year in EU, and can get up to the 4m - 5m range consistently, because it's a solid console and the hardware and price is there for both models, they just need to fix their first party studios and the easiest way is by saving some of these AAA studios that have closed lately.

As far the Switch it looks like the sales train is going to be average for them in EU, and they're going to sell about 20% - 30% more than what the XBO has seen sales wise in EU annually. Sales will be average at best, until a AAA game releases for them. So they need to find a way to help their sales out in this region, because they're doing amazing everywhere else. They've won JP, competing neck and neck in NA right now, they just need to improve their EU number to get into the race with PS4.

Dragonscale306d ago

@dwight, everything you say can be said to every set of fanboys on here fgs.

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ILostMyMind306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

It is the XBX launch. Nothing unusual.

306d ago
moegooner88306d ago

You are getting downvoted because you sre missing the obvious.

Nov 2016: ....
Nov 2017 : new model launch

Rather funny how the follow up comments are crying about the Sony “ fanboys”. Common sense, use it people.

Kiwi66306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

I just find it interesting because it still got outsold despite being up for that month even with a new console launch

moegooner88306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Why is that interesting?? When you sell around 35% of what your competitor does, there is major room for improvement. In this scenario the “improvement” accounted for around an extra 15%, and sales climbed to approximately 50%. Nothing unexpected one bit.

Theknightofnights306d ago

It's interesting because despite the Xbox being up YoY it's still being outsold by both it's competitors. How is that not interesting?

He isn't saying it's interesting that it grew.

moegooner88304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

^It is not called interesting, it is called common sense. This is Europe we are talking about.

Theknightofnights302d ago


And? Nintendo doesn't have the strongest showing in Europe either.

You don't sound like an easy person to get along with.

moegooner88302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

Do you even read what you type down ? Now trying to shift the focus to Nintendo. Keep playing the world’s tiniest violin. It is cute how hard you are trying and end up falling flat.

Theknightofnights302d ago (Edited 302d ago )


"Now trying to shift focus on Nintendo"

Nothing was ever shifted you dunce. The whole "interesting" part of the observation was that BOTH competitors were beating Xbox sales DESPITE Xbox increase in sales. It's part of the original comment. You just decided to exclude Nintendo for god knows why.

I can phrase it differently if you want. Maybe if I use smaller words it'll click for you.

moegooner88302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

Wonderfully played. All the notes were impeccable.

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butchertroll306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

OMG, Xbone is up. Tides are turning, right? Did you know that PS4 is up YOY in calendar 2017? You bragging about Xbones 3rd place, just like Greenberg about been 2nd in US.

Kiwi66306d ago

First off who said anything about it turning tides so guess I'll break down what I mean the easiest way possible
1: The Xbox One was up by a bit mostly due to Xbox X launch
2: The PS4 & Switch still beat it for November
3: The Xbox One despite all that couldn't win November
That is why I said it got outsold so hopefully people will understand instead of seeing what they want to see

Realms305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

The reason you are getting disagrees is because it's simple logic. The PS4 has been on the market longer and MS just launched a new console. In the grand scheme of things Sony consistently has outsold MS world wide yet everyone knows that so there is no need to constantly talk about that so you finding it interesting that MS out sold Sony this last month is inconsequential. The fact that you choose to focus on the marginal difference is interesting because if we do that for every month that PS4 has outsold the xbox then it becomes less interesting because we already know the outcome of that margin and it's much larger.

Kiwi66305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

No, what I find interesting is that even though there was a new console nothing changed and that is my point, maybe read @Theknightofnights comment because he gets what I mean, its a pity that others don't get it

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ShinnokDrako306d ago

So Xbone is up but still irrelevant? Nothing new then.