Xbox One Lost to Switch But Beat PS4 In December NPD: Is This Something Microsoft Can Capitalize On?

Signs of life for Xbox, but it has its work cut out for it if it wants to stay in the conversation.

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Thatguy-310308d ago

no LMAO they're so desperate for a win that I wouldn't be surprise if they take it as one simply for coming on top of the ps4. If you ain't first you're last........

UCForce308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

That’s also why I think MS wanted to beat Sony by humiliation on Sony, but it didn’t work out for MS. Because PS4 won globally in 2017.

dirkdady308d ago

They were radio silent for nearly 12 months on sales and even said they won't focus on sales and look active user counts but the first thing they did when they sold a hair more than PlayStation Greenberg is the first one to spill his stuff on twitter. Pathetic.

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RpgSama308d ago

Not only globally, also in the USA.

bolimekurac308d ago

makod, you dont have a grip with reality

UCForce308d ago

@bolimekurac The reality is that MS want to ignore competition. MS think Gaas is the future, but tell me this, will Gaas be a perfect future ? It will never be.

Imalwaysright308d ago (Edited 308d ago )


Then why did MS just release the X1X which cost them millions in R&D, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and who knows what else? For what? To burn money? What you're saying only makes sense to the stupid people that agreed with one of the most pathetic comments I ever read here and that is saying something.

Sitdown308d ago

So the dialogue has been Microsoft has no games, but now they are going to move to streaming? To stream the games they supposedly don't have?

Then you say Microsoft never wanted you to but hardware.... So they sold hardware to eventually get you to go software instead of just going software out the gate and latching on to Windows? My goodness, what exactly have you smoked?

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Imalwaysright308d ago (Edited 308d ago )


"You are confused because you don't understand technology nor how Microsoft operator or even how corporation strategize."

Ohhh so I'm confused and you're an expert huh? Please, do tell me about MS strategy and how having brand new hardware equates into that strategy but first, know that I don't need to understand any of those things to go out, buy a X1 or X1X, buy some game discs and play games without ever connecting the console to the internet like I have been able to do with since my 1st console, a Megadrive (we used cartridges in those days though) and we didn't call it a service, we called it a console.

"The Xbox Division doesn't even exist anymore, but you knew that right?"

No I never heard of that. Hell I never even heard of a Xbox division?! I heard of Microsoft Game Studios, a microsoft subsidiary but please tell me more about this xbox division LOL!

"When the Xbox One X was designed, Microsoft hadn't given up." Given up on exactly what?

"The Xbox Store and User (like yourself) were moved over to the Microsoft Store. Now Xbox is a service,"

I wasn't moved anywhere because I don't own a Xbox console but if that is true why can I buy a xbox console, put a disc in it and play games if Xbox is just a service? Are consoles called services these days? Are the PS4, Vita, 3DS and Switch just services as well?

RacerX308d ago

You have to admit, it's very funny.... All PS4 guys talking trash about Xbox losing NpD in December, only to find out Xbox actually beat PS4, and now its all explaining it away. It's a meaningless win for Xbox anyway.

UCForce308d ago

@RacerX But in the end, was it good enough for Xbox One brand when they only win NPD in December ? That’s something MS really need to answer that.

AmUnRa307d ago

UNForce the PS4 won not only worldwide, but also in the USA😉

IamTylerDurden1307d ago

The problem for Microsoft is that they STILL lost in worldwide sales to PS4 in December.. by a lot. It's like a team celebrating the fact they outscored their opponent in the 3rd inning even though they lost 7-3 overall.

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WilliamSheridan308d ago

They are first between the two systems that matter. Nintendo has always been its own beast.

UCForce308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Nope. They only won in December, but it wasn’t good enough. By the way, where is their hardware units ? Tell me, How many Xbox One sold ? By the way, Switch did a great job.

Aenea308d ago

Ahhh, the famous Xbox fan goalpost moving!

trooper_308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

There's only so many goalposts you can move.

outsider1624307d ago

Last year iirc, xbox won what? 3-4 months(US). This year you guys won 1 month..wait....2nd place and still your're jumping your ass off? Well if it makes you feel any better....congrats?

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butchertroll308d ago

Only someone from MS, Greenberg in that case, can brag about 2nd place. LOL

Gunstar75308d ago

They won December. Acknowledge, get over it and move on

UCForce308d ago

But not good enough. Nintendo Switch did a great job and they reveal their hardware units which is show that Nintendo have confidence. But MS isn’t. So yeah, it wasn’t good enough for MS.

IamTylerDurden1307d ago

PS4 won in worldwide sales for December, xbox did not.

rainslacker308d ago

I think Greenburg tried to capitalize on it yesterday. So, I guess MS can capitalize on it, but I don't think it'll actually do anything, because the only people that care about NPD wins are the hardcore, and that's just for discussion, not really for consideration on if they should buy a console or not.

Kavorklestein307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

You're right it is for the hardcore.
But the difference is, so many are forgetting what constitutes "hardcore"
to us and also to others.
Seems to me us folks who talk or read about all this on forums or chat, or even with these types of articles with comment sections, I personally think we are among those in the hardcore group. In fact, I'd say We're a significant part of this hardcore group that these analysts talk about.

So that means part of the SAME hardcore folks some claim won't care about a mid gen console refresh, or that we aren't much more likely to get a Ps4 pro or an Xb1x...yet we're here all the time doing this charade back and forth. I mean most topics definitely take a turn in the spotlight and most consumers are used to varying models and specs by now. Therfore, If it's all clearly enough reason for some people to sit here and shit talk all day, then it's surely enough to perhaps make a different person, maybe not even as hard core as this group...(who just shit talk all day) Ever think they might instead just buy a console? 🤔🤔🤔
So with all that in mind, wouldn't it be better to spend our energy on positive ways to talk about gaming? Like "Oh man, this part in Mario was so cool" or "This part in Horizon zero dawn was so bad ass!" Or maybe: "Wow there was this part in Gears 4 that was pretty sweet" or we could all talk about multi plats... like this kind of shit slinging is frankly just so old lol.
It's the worst part of gaming aside from glitches or losing your progress.

Anyway I'm not calling you personally out here either, But, even your pretty decent comment still kinda just looks like another one of us resorting to being monkeys and throwing mud or feces at the other.

Just my two cents.

Your comment wasn't bad or anything really. It's just this tragic idea of us all bickering about this kind of stuff just seems beneath us by now... lol it still just seems like joining in the negativity.

Game on and enjoy.

rainslacker307d ago

By hardcore, I mean people that play enough games to discuss or even maybe care about the numbers to begin with. Like the guy who asked Greenburg who sold what, to which he answered. Those people likely don't care that much about it in terms of consideration for purchasing a console.

The only time those numbers may be a consideration is if a console didn't have enough sales to maintain support, and for the most part, I don't think that'll be a problem this generation.

FinalFantasyFanatic308d ago

Nope, they're boned if they want to beat the ps4 or the Switch, look at the release list for both consoles.

KillBill307d ago

"If you ain't first you're last........" except in this particular case PS4 was last. Go ahead and make less of it than it is but talking about how poor this is for XB1 when PS4 dropped from 1st to last in the month is telling.

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Moonman308d ago

They launched their Of course it was going to sell at LAUNCH. Too bad it isn't currently outselling Nintendo or Sony today during LUNCH. lmao

WilliamSheridan308d ago

Launched in November. December wasn't launch. December shows that it continued to outsell for second month in a row.

Rude-ro308d ago

Outsell what? December is the only npd for Xbox this year

sampsonon308d ago

but the ps4 won November so how can the Xbox outsell 2 months in a row?

morganfell308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Second month? What did it outsell the 1st month? You do realize Sony took NPD - along with the world - in November right?

And prepare thyself for the disappointment to come. Kratos is only the 1st problem you have to deal with this year.

The Wood308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Do you guys think warping the truth changes anything. . .

Let's just file this in that folder with all the other game changers shall we. . . It's quite a buff folder yet. . . . . . .🤔

Yes Morgan. . Let's file those things called exclusive games in the 'Reasons why we dominate' folder . . . also quite buff folder. .

UCForce308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Trust me, when God Of War come out ( March 22nd) it’s going to rekt MS in term of sales.

MasterCornholio308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Actually the X1 didn't outsell the PS4 for any month until December.

"The PS4 sold the most units of any hardware platform in November, but the Xbox One sold the most in terms of dollar sales."

ZeroX9876308d ago

December wasn't a winning month for Xbox, the switch won.
Maybe we aren't used to it yet. but I'm pretty sure PS4 and switch will be the best selling consoles between the big 3.

Aenea308d ago

Ehmm, what? PS4 outsold both Switch and X1 in November...

308d ago
OB1Biker308d ago

No it was a poor launch in November since Ps4 did better. In December I believe the numbers were very close and both Xbox and PS4 did not get close to Switch numbers so that didnt show much.

Markusb33307d ago

Xbox didn't win a single month in 2017 now 2nd place is what they celebrate?
Come on now, the narrative changes along with the promises and frame rates. DF are amazing until they are negative (truthful) about the X then it's media bias. I can't keep up

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi308d ago

Lol no. From the beginning Microsoft has been focused more on cool features than games. Gamers are the primary market here. You gottta cater to the gamers. 4k and other media features are cool and all but if they had more exclusive games there would actually be a reason to buy an xbox over a ps4pro.

WilliamSheridan308d ago

Well clearly people felt otherwise since Xbox outsold PS4 in November and December

moegooner88308d ago

PS4 outsold Xbox during X launch in November. So yeah, they didn’t.

kenna999308d ago

Got a link for November's winning xbox sales?

TFJWM308d ago

PS4 won NPD in November and PS4 still outsold Xbox worldwide in December so people clearly didn't feel otherwise...

DarkZane308d ago

PS4 outsold Xbox One in November in USA. PS4 outsold Xbox One in USA for 11 months this year. In december, the PS4 was only 75k units behind the Xbox One and 150k units behind the Switch. Globally, they were probably first.

PS4 won 2017 in the USA by outselling the Switch by 1 million and by outselling the Xbox One by 1.5 millions units. Globally, the PS4 won and completely destroyed the other 2. In fact, globally the other 2 don't even come close.

bluefox755308d ago

MS won on their home turf shortly after releasing a new console? While still losing globally just like they do every month? What a cause for celebration!

UCForce308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

MS didn’t win NPD in November. They only won in December, but it wasn’t good enough. Even that, Switch will catch up or surpass Xbox One sales, this will humiliate MS twice.

MasterCornholio308d ago

No it didn't.

"The PS4 sold the most units of any hardware platform in November, but the Xbox One sold the most in terms of dollar sales."

Aenea308d ago

1) we're talking NPD I assume, which is just North America, not the world, something really worth adding if you ask me
2) PS4 sold most in November's NPD... (and worldwide)

Razzer308d ago

Dude...stop making shit up.

trooper_308d ago

William: So where's your source?

OB1Biker308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Does that go along with Xbox won npd in July 2016 bs or xbl never goes down myth?

DarXyde307d ago


Only December did Xbox One outsell PS4. Microsoft only made more money in November.

What's amusing is making more money totally does not mean they profited either. If most of their sales were driven by a product they're taking a loss on (presumably the Xbox One X), they actually didn't profit as healthily.

Have some respect for facts, son.

Markusb33307d ago

Alternative facts xbox did not win in November stop with the lies. Sony took November npd xbox have not won a single month in 2017

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Enjoigamin308d ago

i bought a pro and had the OG ps4 i can tell you there was no reason to buy the pro but for it to sound like a jet least the X made improvements to games unlike the pro.

xsta1ker308d ago

out sold is a numbers count of consoles... if you guy's look at the profit numbers from those NPD consoles sold
you will clearly see how well the one x has sold and help Microsoft win in the profit numbers noveber&December
Microsoft may have come up a little sort on the how many they sold but that 500 one x told the real story
profit why's beating out both sony and Nintendo.

MasterCornholio308d ago (Edited 308d ago )


Revenue =/= to profit.

"Profit is the net income of the business. In general, profit equals revenue less expenses. However, companies typically calculate multiple measures of profit on an income statement. Gross profit shows the total revenue minus the variable costs, or cost of goods sold."


As for claiming the Xbox One X is generating profit it really isn't.

"When asked by Business Insider if the Xbox One X would be profitable for Microsoft, Spencer flatly answered “No.” "

Notice how it was Spencer that said that?

ScootaKuH307d ago

Maybe you need to get your Pro looked at because mine is much quieter than standard PS4 and last time I checked the OG PS4 wasn't capable of up to 4K resolution with HDR

Father__Merrin308d ago

Xbox one X launched once the next npd comes round it should be back with Sony and gam8ngbolt desperation will get worse

Gardenia308d ago

This is only in the US, which is a small part of the gaming community. Worldwide PS4 is still on top even with the launch of the Xbox One X

xsta1ker308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

im not on my computer so i can't post the link.
look up gamespot December 14 they have the NPD listing of units sold and clearly shows xbox lead in dollar sales
because of the one x.

so ya this is nothing to do with Microsofts total net income the fact is xbox x lead in sales hens profits ms.

Razzer307d ago

As MasterCornholio pointed out, you are confusing revenue with profit.

jixasewiy307d ago

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showtimefolks308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

no because ps4 still won globally and is on pace to sell 15-20 million by next march to being the total to 90 plus million. I find it hilarious that MS/it's executives/PR people said we won't talk about sale numbers yet they get one month ahead of ps4 and all the numbers talk is coming out while forgetting the fact they lost the month to switch

for xbox brand to be the best selling console it has to deliver games

yakuza 6
god of war
mlb the show
ni nu kuni 2

just in first 6 months ps4 got these but let me hear the argument from xbox camp about exclusives don't matter but the moment xbox gets some exclusives the will all of the sudden matter. Just like sale numbers don't matter until xbox outsells ps4

how major nelson still has a PR job is beyond me i feel like he brings more negative attention to xbox brand than anything else

Brian7655492308d ago

He didn't talk about sales initially but was then asked a question. Nothing wrond with promoting sucess for December and trying to get some momentum going. November was also a good month for Xbox, does that bother you somehow?

In two months they have shed some light on some of the notorious doubters. PUBG has so far been a huge hit for them after many said it would not do well on consoles and Fortnite was going to take a bite out of it. Then we have the Xbox One X which I imagine sold quite well for them when many said it was too expensive.

You need to step back and not get yourself involved, nothing wrong with good competition.

showtimefolks308d ago


first of all many also said PUBG would be a huge success why is it only negativity gets coverage?

xbox x will do just fine but long term for a $500 console i ma not sure but i am not saying it will or will not because we need more date before we can come to that conclusion. Xbox x has done one great thing and that's to move the industry forward tech wise

i got no problem promoting success but than also go into details when your console is the least sold console of the month. No one has an issue with any company discussing sales but than discuss them every month and not cherry pick the months you come out ahead of the competition. The months they lose fans still ask him about sales yet he gives xblive active user numbers instead

also i for one won't praise ms, sony or nintendo for buying 3rd party timed exclusives. I am against it on all cases because it basically means one company pas the developers to keep the game away from other consoles. I rather that money gets invested into their own studios

but no doubt business wise PUBG was a smart decision by ms

ziggurcat308d ago

"He didn't talk about sales initially but was then asked a question..."

No. He wasn't asked a question. Someone replied with a statement - that he felt Greenberg's tweet was a result of either Switch or PS4 being #1. No question was posed.