BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Gets Blake Belladonna from RWBY, Release Date; 20 DLC Characters Planned

Arc System Works just announced BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle's release dates, the first DLC character, and the plan to add nineteen more.

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Vits307d ago

One word: Disgusting....

Only 20 characters in the base game, 20 characters via DLC and over half of Team RWBY (Blake and Yang) comes in the form of DLC. If the idea was to make people lose interest in this game, you are to be congratulated Arc System Works.

Abriael307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Honestly, considering how Arc System Works handles updates to its games, this is hardly surprising. I mean, it always seemed to me that they sold what would normally qualify as a DLC or update as a full game. But I will admit that I am very ignorant about fighting games, so I don't really know what the community considers acceptable.

Godmars290306d ago

Thing is, now that fighters are making a comeback, what was the average number of fighters you got? What's the most Street Fighter 3-5 has offered?

Not saying it isn't scummy that half the characters here are DLC, that they literally being offered and announced well before the game is out, but you're still getting twenty.

Wait a year or six months when prices drop or there's collector's edition with all the content. All that really can be done at this point.

DarXyde306d ago

Just be patient. High chance they will release a version with all of the content.

It'd be wise to also remember that ASW takes perhaps the greatest care of anyone to balance their fighting games. We have no idea how far out from release everything will actually come. 20 characters to start with is actually sizable for them.

My suggestion? Wait for complete edition or get the inevitable season pass that'll subsidize the costs at least somewhat. I don't like it either, but it really depends on how long it takes them to release all of the content for me.

On the upside, it will inform them of all the nerfs and buffs necessary before adding more characters. If you release 40 characters at once, that would be chaos for balancing the game and it would take forever to fix. So it's either delay release for a long time and include more or do as planned. And even with delays, the fighting community has plenty of insight and feedback thru wouldn't receive otherwise.

I still think it's grimy, but it makes some sense. Small studios have certain restrictions. I'd rather they just save 10 characters for a sequel and cap out the roster at 30 with a base of 25 and 5 DLC characters. If the game is $30, it's hard to argue with them giving you literally half of the game.

Godmars290306d ago

And you've never seen the show...;3

ZaWarudo307d ago

Way to kill my hype for the game, Arc. Selling half its roster as DLC is beyond disgusting.

Rangerman1208306d ago

You know is sad when even Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has a more acceptable roster than this game. At least it had 30 characters at launch, with 6 more added as DLCs, and possibly 6 more to come, incresing the roster size to 42. This, however, is just as bad as EA's DLC practices (okay, not nearly AS bad but still disgustin).

godashram306d ago

Maybe Arc System works should delay the game 4-6 months to include more characters in game without DLC... At least that's the vibe I'm getting from most people here.

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