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Rob Pitt writes: Yakuza, Nier, Persona and Gravity Rush are all considered ‘niche’ titles – a few of them might not be anymore but at the beginning of last year they were. The vast majority of people wouldn’t have known much about them if you asked them to explain what they were last January. Today I’m taking a look at a game which is so niche, I doubt even the most hardcore of Playstation and obscure Japanese games fans will have heard of it let alone played it. I am talking about Tokyo Tattoo Girls, developed by Sushi Typhoon Games in Japan and released internationally by NIS America in November 2017. The game has you relying heavily on luck for the first couple of playthroughs due to the nature of the game, this could put some people off or you could put hours and hours into it if you take the time to fully understand the mechanics and strategic elements. So, come with me as I talk in detail about my favourite PS Vita game of 2017 as we see if the game is worth your time or a waste of your time…

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