Nintendo Switch is shaping up very nicely for 2018

A look at Nintendo Switch's second year after January's Nintendo Direct.

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dripdrop30309d ago

I agree. Although, I feel like they still need that one holiday seller for 2018. Maybe at E3..

BenjaMan64309d ago

Donkey Kong, Kirby, Fire Emblem, Pokémon, Hyrule Warriors... Nintendo's going to have quite the year.

TekoIie308d ago

Yeh like you're buying nothing but new IP's on your preferred system.

I actually think 90% of original IP's that I buy are Indies and Switch will have no shortage of games there so I think I'll be fine.

ABizzel1308d ago

Prime is supposed to be this year, but Metorid doesn't carry as much weight as many believe. Metorid is a great franchises, but sales wise it's not a heavy hitter for Nintendo, but hopefully this one will change that. The franchise generally sells well in the west with NA leading sales, EU matching about 50% of NA sales, and JP not really caring.

Zelda is another franchise that has a similar sales distribution, selling most of it's copies in NA, about 50% less in EU, and significantly less in JP. Except it sells 2x - 3x as many copies as Metroid does in those regions. For example both Zelda games made it into the top 30 best selling Wii games. Metroid Prime 3 was number 75, Other M (not a traditional Metorid game) didn't make the top 100, and a by far the biggest travesty Metroid Collection (Prime 1, 2, and 3) didn't even break the top 200.

It'll be a great game, but their breakout sales game, is questionable.

I'm thinking we'll see an Animal Crossing and a Smash Bros. Port to bring in the sales. Both are huge franchises, and it's about time for a new AC, and it gives Nintendo a few more years to produce a full sequel to Smash.

indyman7777308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

For me (out of this first quarter list)

Fire Emblem - day one
Project Octopath - (day after I get done with fire emblem)
free Super Mario Odyssey multiplayer update day 1, of course day one it is free!

Moonman307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Metroid Prime sold very well (7.15 million for the Gamecube Prime games combined - vgchartz). Same with Super Metroid. If it's good, coupled with the type of gamers who buy could sell the MOST ever for a game in the franchise!

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meganick309d ago

I fully expect more games to be announced this year for 2018 releases and maybe even some 2019 releases as well. What’s been announced so far is solid and a good variety of genres.

TekoIie308d ago

Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3 are likely 2019 releases. I think they'll want Pokemon out this year though as their Q4 heavy hitter.

They may have a few surprises left but I would expect them to be AA quality games rather than anything like BotW or Mario Odyssey.

Moonman307d ago

Super Smash Bros., Pokemon and Animal Crossing are the rumors so far for the major "Big" Nintendo releases in 2018.....but Reggie hinted at some smaller or even unknown franchises....which I'm excited to hear about.

michellelynn0976308d ago

Looks like a great line up full of great games. My Switch is being played a lot! I am still on Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I freaking love that game.