PC Players Prepare to Rebuy Rather Than Die In Dark Souls Remastered

In recent years PC gaming enjoys more recognition from Japanese developers. Just a decade ago, in the PS2 era, it

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TedCruzsTaint331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Bought the game on PC, but couldn't be bothered putting in the work, myself, to get the thing running to a proper standard.
Grabbing the remaster on G2A, or on Steam sale, for $10 or so. Whichever offers this first.
Already paid for the game once, not doing it again to get the experience it should have been the first time.

If you release on PC, at least offer 1080p/60fps out of the gate.

iNcRiMiNaTi331d ago

I started it like 2 days ago on pc and all you have to do is download dsfix, extract it in the game's root folder and that's it. Not sure what else you were trying to do lol

MadeForGaming331d ago

the problem is that you've had to download dsfix to begin with. What if this modder wouldn't have made the fix. Namco can't rely on the community to fix their broken games

TedCruzsTaint330d ago

It's as Made said ... it shouldn't be my responsibility to fix your game to the state of being a bog-standard port for PC.

Is it easy to do? Sure.
I mess with mods all the time.

It's a point of at least providing the minimal necessary to justify the port. If you are a PC game released since, and I'll even give you 2005, thought that's pushing it even, then you should at least offer 1080p/60fps as an option, with at least passable mouse and keyboard support. Give that, and the majority will probably be happy. Don't? I feel you're just proving that you are lazy, and don't much care at all for the platform you are releasing your title on. Gamers, in turn, then should not care about the product.
As for the remaster, well, the release price could net you both sequels, with a little left over. Therefor, even that is going to be a purchase on large discount, being that this is the version of the game we should have received from the get-go.

iNcRiMiNaTi330d ago

Yeah I get that the community shouldn't be fixing their issues but you made it seem like it was such a hard thing to do by saying "couldn't be bothered putting in the work" when it's one small file to extract into the folder.

agent4532331d ago

Not paying full price for a remaster game

agent4532330d ago

I already own the game, why should I pay for the same game twice.

Vegamyster330d ago

I was just pointing out it's not full price.