PS4 Console Exclusives List For 2018 Is Ridiculously Massive

Console exclusives are one of the major reasons to own any particular console over another. With that said, this list contains over 70 games coming exclusively to the PS4. Absolutely dwarfing the competitions list.

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PhoenixUp334d ago

No kidding, this list is overwhelming and I’m not even finished with the games the console received last year

DarXyde334d ago

Some of these games aren't confirmed for 2018. The Last of Us, Part II, Death Stranding, and Final Fantasy VII Remake for starters.

UltraNova334d ago

Those games weren't confirmed for 2019 or later either.

That said, it takes 5 minutes just to scroll down this list...damn talking about a massive upcoming year. Its overwhelming really...

DarXyde334d ago (Edited 334d ago )


That, my friend, is known as ad ignorantium (an appeal to ignorance).

Just because there is no evidence to support that they are not releasing in 2018 does not suggest this list is accurate.

Certainly, it's a full list, but let's be very realistic here. Naughty Dog recently stated TLOUP2 is a mess. That game will undoubtedly be legendary, but not without time. It isn't coming this year mate. I'm very confident about that. Death Stranding is progressing well, but we still haven't seen live gameplay. That's definitely still in the oven for a while. Don't see it happening this year. Lastly, FFVIIR is... well, that's the biggest mystery of all. Square is still working on KHIII contemporaneously as well. If the latter is releasing this year, FFVIIR isn't happening.

I'm pretty sure of myself here. If you doubt that, feel free to screen cap and call me on it if/ when you're right. I'll gladly accept some humble pie of a single one of those three games releases this year.

I only fight this so much because there is virtually every indication to suggest this list has no business including those games. List is huge as is. Now it just feels like they're inflating this list unnecessarily.

Plenty on PS4 without being unrealistic about those release windows.

My two cents.

The Wood334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

List should just be labelled upcoming ps games. . Most are exclusive but saying 2018 is wishful. I do believe most of those games will be ready this year barring the obvious ones people here have already mentioned.

What's undisputed is if you want games, the ps is the platform for consistency, variety, quantity and quality. This is how you do 'tail end's' for gens. No lazy slumbers.

Aenea334d ago

TLOU2 certainly isn't releasing this year, FF7, well, dunno really, Death Stranding might actually surprise us, don't think it's as far off as we thing it is, might actually happen, if not at least early 2019 for sure...

UltraNova334d ago


No no I wasnt disagreeing with you man, I was simply stating the fact that they haven't denied a 2018 release even though the writing is on the wall(2019 and maybe later for the games you mentioned).

That said, as I've mentioned on many posts, 2018 is already beyond crowded as it is no need to cram more heavy hitters to the list! Let them have all the time they need, especially for tLoU2 and Death Stranding!

Spenok333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

There are also rumblings of Death Stranding, so it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Especially when you consider what Kojima told a Japanese magazine.

As for FFVII, while nothing is concrete (as with DS), the Square-Enix CEO stated that they will be making release date announcements for their "new games" (note there's nothing specific here), between April and E3 of this year.

While those release dates could easily be next year. There's still a chance.

So on that chance, I added them to my list. So 1 game IS confirmed, and the other two have possibilities.

RacerX333d ago

Regardless of "release dates," it is clear Sony has prepared for the future and many years of a constant exclusive release schedule.

If (and hopefully "when") Microsoft changes direction, it will take a couple of years for the gamers to feel an effect of more consistent exclusives.

Uken12333d ago

It's a good list. Some aren't exclusive. Some are wishful thinking being released this year. But then again we could still get some great games that haven't been announced.

Crazyglues333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Give me for 2018.....

Shadow of the Colossus
God of War
Days Gone
Bad Company 3
Whatever the next Call of Duty is called..?
The next Battlefield WWII
Death Stranding
The Last of Us: Part II
Red Dead Redemption 2
Metro Exodus
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

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affrogamer334d ago

they have enough exclusives to last them for the rest of this generation if they space them out properly

MegamanXXX334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

The true beast for exclusives!! Lost Soul Aside will be a sleeper hit

SuperSonic91333d ago

Is it true LSA is made by one man?

Flewid638333d ago

I'm not even done with my PS3 library. Sony really overwhelms people with high-quality options.

RosweeSon333d ago

My backlog is intense but love to leave some of the top notch classics to last. Uncharted 4, last guardian, last of us (that I originally bought for PS3 and still haven’t got round to it yet, now got PS4 Version) GTA5 again on PS4, Metal Gear 5, New South Park, horizon ZD DLC. Game on! Nintendo haven’t helped my situation god darn gaming greatness ;)

FinalFantasyFanatic333d ago

Oh my poor wallet, it was a noble sacrifice.

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SuperSonic91334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Mama mia!
The PS4's is the undisputed king of 3rd party exclusive and multiplatform games.
So much diversity of quality in large quantities.
Keep pushing the boundaries of innovation and storytelling.
Dreams come true this year please.
The question is can Sony produce another 20 million PS4 units to keep up with gamers demand this year?
Can it keep up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe fanbase coming in full force this Q1 2018 for Spiderman?

LoveSpuds333d ago

While sections of the Xbox community would have you believe that market penetration for the brand the Japan doesn't matter, this is a clear demonstration of why success in Japan IS VERY important. As a result of MS selling no consoles in this region, Sony get to benefit from the Japanese games industry while Xbox doesn't, and as a result the amount of software from Japan is exclusive to Sony by default.

SuperSonic91333d ago

Amd the surprising thing this generation is that Japanese games are very much appreciated in the west than in Japan itself. Just look at the niche Japanese games line up there the PS4 is the reason why they find crazy success the west just like in PS1 and PS2 days.
Greatness Arrived!

SickSinceSix334d ago

I doubt Death Stranding and The Last of Us Pt. 2 are 2018 releases but I guess sites like this just include them for clicks. I don't think either have even announced release windows yet.

Ceaser9857361334d ago

DS and LOU 2 is confirmed for 2019 ... We will see the 1st gameplay of these games at E3 this year..

Ceaser9857361334d ago

lmao! why the dislike when i actually stated FACTS... DID i upset the Green Camp ?? oh! they are upset with the PS4 having better games :D

The_Sage333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

I have not seen where Death Standing is confirmed for 2019. I thought I may have seen something about The Last of Us 2 being that far out, but I'm not seeing confirmation on that either. Could you post links?

Ceaser9857361333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Kojima said DS will launch before Tokyo summer Olympics 2020... 2019 is the safest bet

Also Kojima did drop hints..

generic-user-name333d ago

There is no date or year for either game. You're staying exactly zero facts.

KwietStorm333d ago

That article you linked to below literally says before 2019. Regardless, there is no *confirmed* dates for either game.

jent333d ago

It's the PlayStation fans who downvoted you.

The_Sage332d ago

So, they're saying that Death Standing will be out before 2019. Cool.

Ceaser9857361332d ago (Edited 332d ago )


LOU 2 is a confirmed 2019 release Therefore its not a "ZERO FACT" According Niel 50 to 60% is done and according to the LOU 2 composer 2019 the game will release... Also Niel said LOU 2 will get its first gameplay at E3 2018... Yes! I stand corrected DS is not yet confirmed by the Kojima or anybody but 2019 is the safest best.. Since accordingly to reports DS is progressing very fast and there is a gameplay which is ready and being worked on..

Its clearly known who cants stand PS EXCLUSIVES and down votes them but thnx

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Blu3_Berry334d ago

Jesus, just looking at that list is insane. I had no idea there were this many console exclusives coming out this year (most of them anyways, delays are possible).

But man, this has me so freaking excited. The PS4 is truly at its peak right now between 2017 and 2018.

The Wood333d ago

This isn't an accident. . . It's form.

TheVigilanteCode334d ago

I think the term "console exclusive" should only be used for Xbox games because of their Xbox Play Anywhere program on Windows 10 and general leniency towards other small indie studio exclusives like Cuphead etc which also get released on PC (for all windows platforms).

Clubbing titles like Death Stranding, Ghosts of Tsushima, Days Gone, Detroit: Become Human, The Last of Us: Part II, Spider-Man, God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, Medievil Remastered, Dreams etc., which are FULL PLAYSTATION EXCLUSIVES FOREVER, with that of games like FFVII Remake, Lost Soul Aside, Shenmue III, Catherine remastered, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Spelunky 2, Earth Defense Force 5 which are absolute third party multiplatform titles, with a high chance of going to Xbox One and Switch too after maybe some timed exclusivity financial deal, is pretty disingenuous from the writer.

DarXyde334d ago

I don't see Catherine releasing as multiplatform. Lost Soul Aside seems like it'll be PC and PS4.

Tobse333d ago

Ye, go play catherine right now on ps3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

DarXyde333d ago


Atlus is one of those companies that is pretty upfront in the beginning what platforms a game is releasing for. I just don't see it.

Aenea334d ago

Most of the titles you feel are multiplatform probably don't go anywhere besides PS4 and PC anyways, so yes, they are console exclusive. Besides, MS used "exclusive" during E3 with way too many games while they were mostly timed exclusive....

starchild333d ago

I see nothing wrong with the term console exclusive. It has been used for as long as I can remember. All it is is a shorthand way of saying that a game is found on PC and only the console specified, not on any other competing console. Nobody wants to say all that each time and we all know what "console exclusive" means, so the term has a legitimate meaning and it can be applied to games of that sort on any of the consoles.