Writers Guild of America Announces Best Video Game Writing Nominees

The Writers Guild of America announces its nominees for best video game writing for 2017. The WGA nominees represent a cross section of the best writing in video games in the gaming industry across genres.

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-Foxtrot252d ago

Madden NFL 18: Longshot...

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow...


sigrid251d ago

LoL I know right... these are probably the worst nominations of any game awards I have ever seen, just wow...

AspiringProGenji251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

''Madden NFL 18: Longshot
Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow'''


Unchartedshark251d ago

No Nier: Automata? what gives?

bigmalky251d ago

Hmmm, something tells me there's a complete lack of talented game script writers from America if they could only pull four... Sorry, two, out of the hat.

Madden and Futurama? They must have really been scouring the net for them.