Picking Your Virtual Battles as a Grown Gamer

As grown gamers (aka adult gamers), we often find ourselves without enough time on our hands.

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Fist4achin309d ago

It definitely is quite the juggling act to find gaming time sometimes as you get older and take on additional responsibilities. I struggle because my favorite genre is rpgs, but i squeeze it in here and there. Oh well, game on!

Eidolon308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Don't get into MMORPGs, what ever you do.. talk about wasted time when you can be enjoying solid SP RPGS. lol. Caused a lot of procrastination in my early college years, the social factor is what causes it, really, time zones, meetings, etc, at that point it's like... well now I'm just avoiding real interactions(NPC's in SP don't count, it's the story). Now, I spread my time between shorter games, experiencing everything and picking the games I want to complete then, coming back to the others. I do short workouts/exercises during gaming time, and a little bit of work(programmer/fixer). No kids or SO, though, but I could imagine losing a lot of gaming/hobby time. I've "lost" a lot of IRL gamer friends, though, lol

Fist4achin308d ago

Hang in there and relish the time you have. It will decrease, but like you said you pick em!

Eidolon308d ago

Yeah, well I'm not living it up either. lol

Petebloodyonion309d ago

Simple! prioritize what you want to do!
If reading a book is more important to you in your spare time to gaming then read a book.
Now if you are reading this I guess that gaming to you is a key hobby so the same applies to what you want to play.

Personally, I'm self-employed, with a baby at home and a wife and still find time to game and I don't feel that I can't find time to game. Perhaps less time but still enough to have my fill.

Eidolon308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Right, if you have ZERO free time, then you're doing life fast and aging like a fly.