GameStop Reports 2017 Holiday Sales Results, Sees Big Boost Thanks To Switch

GameStop Reports 2017 Holiday Sales Results, Sees Big Boost Thanks To Switch

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lxeasy217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

“We are pleased with our sales performance during the important holiday period, driven by strength in the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One X"
Seems both consoles did really well this holiday.

NoPeace_Walker216d ago

That is why the Switch and Xbox finished first and second in December NPD...because strong demands are there for both new consoles. Congrats to both. 👍🏼

MasterCornholio216d ago

There still was strong demand for the PS4.

bluefox755216d ago

Also why PS4 finished first globally, just like it does every month.

Kribwalker216d ago

there was an apparent Gamestop insider posting on here a few days ago that there was no way the switch or xbox would sell well because ofwitg his stats he had the Ps4 crushed everything......i wonder whose info is correct, his or the CEO of the company......Congrats MS and Nintendo for having a great holiday season, i’m loving my OneX and Switch

chiefJohn117216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Switch and the X had a big season. No wonder they finished first and second. Seems like Nov ppl go for the best bundle deals while Dec goes for the hot new items.
Congrats Nintendo and MS

MasterCornholio216d ago

To be fair the PS4 had a big season as well.

chiefJohn117216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Yeah, I mentioned them in the npd article. PS4 isn't mentioned here
....xD smh...

hiawa23216d ago

To be fair the PS4 has passed 70million, so it is having one of the best generations ever, and had a great holiday which is impressive.

Instantnoodles88216d ago

Lol the resident Sonymites feeling left out. Don’t worry guys/gals I’m sure the PS4 did fine.