7 Things We Hope Dark Souls Remastered Fixes

"We love the first Dark Souls, but there's a handful of changes we'd love to see in the remaster."

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SCW1982310d ago

Just fix Blight town and we are good.

UltraNova310d ago

And the super easy backstabs...

iDadio310d ago

PVE was quite easy to pull off, pvp was more down to random af netcode it never felt consistent.

diepdiep310d ago

Either improve or get rid of "Bed of Chaos" in Lost Izalith

iDadio310d ago

Needs to be an easier way to open the door behind Solaire in Lost Izalith, if you approach him from the other direction that is more natural in your progression he’s gone mad with the maggots and attacks :( that shit broke my heart

LegoIsAwesome310d ago

Give Ornstein's helmet justice. Give the obtainable helmet a hair. It's one of the best set in the game. Just ruined by that no hair thingy.

PhantomS42310d ago

Make the items needed for multiplayer given to you when you start the game like Demon's Souls and the other Souls games. Don't make us hunt them down. I'm also in agreement with Blighttown need a major fix.

Nacho_Z310d ago

Make the backstab mechanic in line with how it is in DS3 and it'd be cool if they mixed up enemy placement for NG+, from memory only DS2 did that but it worked well.

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