3DS Sales Top an Estimated 70 Million Units Worldwide

Nintendo's eighth generation handheld, the 3DS, has surpassed 70 million units sold worldwide, according to VGChartz estimates for the week ending December 23.

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FallenAngel198410d ago

Does 3DS have what it takes to outsell PSP

3-4-59d ago

Bail on a 70 million user install base? Only you would do something that dumb.

Knushwood Butt8d ago

Have you seen the upcoming release schedule?

Nintendo aren't the only ones that have bailed.

Are you in denial?

EddieNX 10d ago

The stereoscopic 3D never really caught on. I liked it but only about 1/5 of all buyers did. So not bad really. The Switch will outsell it np.

XbladeTeddy9d ago

I love the 3D effect. I think I'm one of the few like you though.

Nyxus10d ago

Nice, it's a great system.

DeadSilence10d ago

Well done 3ds and it'll still sell some more millions, the library of the system will keep it selling.

ARESWARLORD10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Just got myself the snes 3ds a few weeks ago. Nice little unit

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