Nintendo Should Opt For Cosmetic Options on Existing Consoles Instead of Making New Ones

Instead of coming out with an entirely new 3DS or Switch, Nintendo really needs to start looking into making cosmetics for its systems more affordable.

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Nitrowolf2279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Releasing a new console edition make some more money in the long run though because it's more than likely that those people are obviously going to buy software. Any company can opt into releasing cosmetic cases, but in the end that isn't going to push for new system buyers.

All three system companies know they can do this, but as stated its not so much the cosmetic that they care about, its the hardware being sold. They leave these modded cases to match theirs up to third party people

fenome278d ago

They should make a new dock that boosts processing power a little bit more, I'd be all in on that.

Tross278d ago

I disagree. Nintendo may not like to put much effort into their hardware, but it's doubtful they want to be more than a gen behind. It's true that they stay afloat thanks to their exclusives, because games are more important than hardware, but there's another reason why they should still come up with new systems periodically: hype. People get hyped for new systems. Existing systems can do well for a good while but their sales eventually stagnate. New systems reinvigorate interest in a company's games and products.

Tetsujin278d ago

They need to release a 3DS that has a power cable with it. I bought the SNES 3DS and had to buy a power cable separately. Yes I knew before purchase I needed one, but the point is why sell a piece of hardware without all the parts needed at start?

As far as cosmetic options I do agree an option for something cosmetic related would be nice instead of spending another $200~ on something that does the exact same thing your current hardware already does. The only time I'll buy new(er) hardware if it's to fix existing issues, or if it's an upgrade to what's currently available (PS4 Pro).

Cyro278d ago

The new 3DS has the faceplates thing that's changeable so that's certainly something. Any customization for the Switch is welcome.