Japan's return to growth is good news for everyone

After a decade of decline, Japan's console market growth challenges the long-standing idea that the smartphone sector was responsible for its woes in the first place.

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kalkano217d ago

I've been saying it forever:

It is NOT that Japanese people moved to phones, so the games followed; it is that the GAMES (the type of games that they like) moved to phones, so the PEOPLE followed. There are, obviously, more reasons. But that is the main reason. Japanese console sales have suffered for so long, because Japanese developers stopped making Japanese games, and instead started trying to make western clones.

SuperSonic91216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

The immense success of niche games like Bloodborne, Dark Souls, NieR Automat, Nioh and Persona 5 proved your point and westerners responded positively kindly.
They stayed true to their roots and to themselves.
Kaz Hirai was right in focusing on what western gamers love about Japanese games.

FallenAngel1984217d ago

A console had to have a portable aspect for this kind of growth to happen in the first place.

The traditionally stationary console still looks to sell on par with its predecessor.

Brian7655492217d ago

The PS4 is also doing well and a great system for Japanese developers. Japanese titles such as Persona 5 have had great success.

FallenAngel1984217d ago

Yes the PS4 is doing well. But like I said its sales will put it in the similar 10.5-11 million range as its predecessor PS3.

SuperSonic91216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

The interesting thing is even niche japanese games are selling very well and much better in the west than in Japan itself.
2017 is proof that japanese developers have greener pastures in the west than in Japan.
Who would have thought that niche games like Nioh, NieR A, Persona 5, Dragon Quest Builders, would sell around the 2 million mark?
Arigato PS4.
These games has zero chance of that success on Nintendo or Xbox platforms given the way they do business with 3rd party and given their loyal fan bases buy games.
The PS4 made these niche japanese games look legit, worthwhile and sexy in the eyes of the gaming public.

Prince_TFK216d ago

“These games has zero chance of that success on Nintendo”

Lol. Try again.