Does Overwatch League Have a Nationality Problem?

41% of the entire OWL is South Korean. What do fans think about rooting for a local team in name only?

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-Foxtrot284d ago

Yeah I don't see why you call yourselves after cities when you aren't from there...

Like I just found out the London Spitfire group is just in name only...I'm sure there's another game which restricts "league" teams to two players from other regions or something like that. I don't see why they don't do that and let the community build up players from the country they are representing.

kreate283d ago

What if those players suck? Like south Korean basketball teams have many foreign players in it, instead of just having south koreans.

Why put restrictions like that? I'm from California, if I make a team with Cali name in it, do I HAVE to put certain amount of gamers from Cali?

Atomicjuicer283d ago

Didn’t you get the memo? Nothing is problematic unless you’re white apparently.

Sayai jin283d ago

Stop playing the victim card.

TekoIie283d ago

Nationality and race are two very different things.

WelkinCole282d ago

We own and run the world. Only snowflakes cry about nonsense and play the victim card.

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DefenderOfDoom2283d ago

I thought it was common that owners of pro teams draft the best players in the world .

Opinionatedlovesme283d ago

Exactly in what sport is it obligated to only pick playerd who were born in your city lol? They just want the best players and these happen to be Koreans.

zb1ftw777283d ago

It's the cities that host the team though.....

Herp Derp?

283d ago
Eiffel283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

I can't say I've ever pictured any sort of eSports without Koreans. They're pretty hardcore about gaming over there, so much so that they passed a law a year ago prohibiting development and distribution of aimbots in online games. Which carries a five year sentence or dozens of thousands in fines.

Azurite283d ago

If they are citizens and live in the cities they represent, go for it, otherwise it's basically just a clan.

Krysis283d ago

It doesn't work that way in most sports, so no.

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