Excellent Fable 2 Video Walkthrough With Series Creator, Peter Molyneux - AusGamers

AusGamers have posted another TGS interview video, this time featuring Peter Molyneux as they play through a short portion of the game while he sits and explains - in detail - the fighting, magic and ranged combat upgrade system, the game-world's deep manifest of hidden secrets, companionship with NPCs and how much he dislikes people how use block in videogames.

It's a 30 minute interview, but well worth a look for anyone interested in this game.

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billythepunk3565d ago

It's a long video, but well worth it. These guys thought they knew what the go with the game was - they were mistaken!

RoidRage3565d ago

Nice vid. The combat sounds like it has alot more depth than what my first impressions were. I really hope the social and moral side of the game are as intricate and full as I'm hoping. Fable 1 had it, but it felt really hollow.

saucygit3565d ago

I love the question at the end and Moly's response. I was hoping for an answer but ha we'll see. great example of how the game works. Gonna be a blast.

bamyrick2263565d ago

sorry, but this guy is as boring as this game may get good reviews but this is crap, littlebigplanet will be similar for me just so you dont think im a fanboy. too many other games coming out for this kind of garbage.

Agent VX3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

I have to agree, if both Fable II and LBP are the "BIG" games this holiday season, then this is a complete Dumbing down of the Hardcore gamer.

Both Fable and LBP look like a complete borefest, a really disappointing holiday season beside a few jems like GeOW 2, Fallout 3 and Resistance 2.

TornRaptor3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

The gaming world is big enough for more than shoot fests.
I want Fable 2 as much as i want LBP prob more than i do another generic shooter

Agent VX3565d ago

No, actually a game like Empire: Total War, but unfortunetly that game don't come out until Feb 2009.

darkequitus3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

I think the worl is big enough for a variety of game styles and genres. I am A FPS/shoot fest Wh*re, but I still have time for Via Pinata:TIP. The Wii (Though I got rid of mine after two week) shows that.
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Internet Trolling Ex3565d ago

Probably sent a letter to them begging for this interview

eric1003565d ago

the game sucks

cant believe that they are releasing this game on the same day as LBP. LOL

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