Time For Yet Another EA Controversy

Matchmaking research conducted by EA has gamers in a tizzy. But is the research actually an issue?

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PUBG306d ago

I personally don't like being treated like a lab rat, so yes, the research is an issue. What ever happened to just making games that have a great storyline and that are fun to play? #getbacktobasics

rezzah306d ago

Well now it is all about pleasing shareholders instead of players by making the most profit over the longest period of time.

It is best to avoid EA and Activision games, especially if it is a MP game or SP with MP added.

DillyDilly306d ago

Bring on the next Video Game crash

Tross306d ago

Only if gamers let companies like EA cause that crash. Option B: support games from more reputable studios who actually have a grasp on what gamers want and aren't trying to exploit us in an evil manner. I think going forward it will be a while until I buy another title with EA's logo on it unless something shifts drastically in their ideology. With any luck the only companies experiencing a crash will be the ones who deserve it, while companies like Guerrilla become the new industry standard.

DillyDilly306d ago

At the very least either don't buy or wait for one of the year end sales where they go half off

DillyDilly306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Can only hope Anthem flops or at least has a very bad launch & under performs

DillyDilly306d ago

I think EA & Activision are gonna be surprised when they out find that people would rather not play & not buy games if this is gonna happen

bigmalky306d ago

Research is for testers to prove, not use paying customers to guinea pig their monetisation tactics.

Also, hire real gamers as testers and not shareholder appeasing idiots.