France: FIFA 18 Switch Has Sold 73k Physically And EA Is Very Satisfied

EA has disclosed that its very pleased with FIFA 18 sales on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo France says that it has sold 73,000 units and this doesn’t include digital sales. It was a “test match” for the Switch, and the test is passed

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gangsta_red43d ago

You have to take into account what these publishers and developers actually forcast their games to sell for each system based on popularity, install and other factors. Of course EA isn't going to measure their success of a game on Switch compared to say Xbox or PS4.

EddieNX 42d ago

it's sold 70K in Japan alone according to media create.

strayanalog42d ago

The news isn't that Fifa sold, but that EA and Nintendo was mentioned in the same sentence without anything negative.‎

DefaultComment42d ago

Yes, my friend....totally agree with you there.

TheColbertinator42d ago

Europe is carrying that FIFA Switch push

Tewi-Inaba42d ago

EU is carrying every FIFA game.
It's all they fucking buy

TheColbertinator42d ago

Not an issue for me or anyone. People like football and FIFA 18 is a good football game.

DwightSchrute0142d ago

What do you expect, Football is the biggest sport in the world. The only place they don't really play it is in America.

Kun_ADR42d ago

Edmix where are you buddy? Another game sells well on the Switch, a third party game at that.

This is the third or four times now. What is your excuse now?

michellelynn097642d ago

I don't see him. I mean Skyrim, Doom, FIFA, LA Noire and RE all sold well on the Switch.

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