Dropped 50 Cent game now published by THQ

DarkZero: Remember that 50 Cent game that was going to be published by Vivendi? Remember that it got dropped when Activision threw many other titles to the wayside (like Ghostbusters and Brutal Legend) after they merged with Vivendi? Well, now it seems the game has found a new publisher.

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Raoh3392d ago

LOL By the company that lost 27million and their vice president?

TheHater3392d ago

yep he/she hates us for letting this game being made

PirateThom3392d ago

No God would allow this game to come out.

No God, in any religion, is that cruel.

CEO of Troll Corp3392d ago

Put it exclusively on xbox,they're currently jerking off to souljaboys gamertag so they'll probably have a bukkake when this one comes out.

3392d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.
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