The Division is getting back on track while Destiny 2 disappoints

FGR writes:
It has always been between these two MMO's when it comes to RPG Shooter ones. Well, as I thought, even after a slow start, The Division seems to has retained its popularity after a series of painful, but successful patches. We know it was a slow start, but hey, they’re finally back on track.

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Rude-ro308d ago

Two years of trying to fix one game and make it it good had nothing to do with a functional game that chose a path way that fans do not like.
Completely different scenarios.

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shadowraiden307d ago

the base division game was just as good as base destiny 1. sure Destiny has had bigger press due to their marketing behind their "expansions" which by the way should have been in the game from the start.

Division has given constant free updates with new content and addressing concerns the community has had.
they offered what i feel is a great take on the "survival battle royal" style game mode which i would love to see as a standalone game by them for a cut price.

my only gripe with Division was i felt the "dark zone" should have been the whole map it would of added a more alive aspect then have the missions scattered inside those zones for the story.

Rude-ro307d ago

The base was good as in having great potential... but the end game was horrible. But the quality did not matter when the game was as broken as it was.
The content was not free, because people like me who bought the deluxe version funded the support... that ended up “free”.
Taking away entire builds was also a horrible move to players like me. Setting me back not only having anything, but having to re-grind all of it,
Pvp was hacked.
On and on.
Destiny worked. Destiny did not need months to release patches to get the game into a better place.
Destiny 1 trumps the division. Content and quality.
D2 was a reset and bad choices... but game still works better.
Do you think the division 2 would’ve launch with the same amount of content that is finally in the division?

showtimefolks308d ago

Is the division Wirth picking up now? The vanilla game is cheap but I wonder how much would it have to pay to pick up the dlc

And I would be playing solo worth it ?

TheColbertinator308d ago

You can enjoy and finish it on your own. I got for around 20,spent a good month on it

showtimefolks308d ago

Do you have to buy the dlc to really enjoy it? I have seen it pretty cheap used at ganestop

Yes if I were to get it I would be playing solo. If I am playing solo would other players still be playing with me I just want to go on my own pace

Thank you for answering my questions

And has the game improved a lot because I have been hearing many great things about the game

BrianOBlivion308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

@ showtimefolks
You can definitely enjoy the game alone. I put in over 100 hours completely solo before any dlc was even released.
You'll run into other players at safehouses but no interaction needed. You'll also run into other players in the pvp Dark Zone but the only interaction needed is at the end of a gun. The dark zone IS quite difficult though to navigate solo for extended periods.
Despite the detractors, I personally think the game is fantastic and traversing the near 1/1 chunk of midtown Manhattan is pretty amazing.

TheColbertinator308d ago (Edited 308d ago )


I saw all three versions on the platforms last year on Twitch and their servers ran fine. Good number still playing and the community is still kicking from the patches every few months.

Not much of a story going but you level up like an RPG more than a shooter. Level 5 players get slaughtered in level 10 areas so the game creates a pace for you. Higher levels gets you new levels and new gear to handle those challenges.

Group play is encouraged for better loot but is NOT mandatory for any significant missions.

The DLC is simply for more challenges and to be tested in particular The Last Stand.

You explore Manhattan so plenty of areas for ambushes and shootouts. Your perks give you advantages but blueprints and the Dark Zone will provide you with top notch weapons. Dark Zone is set up for to challenge you with each encounter being mini-bosses with NPCs.

Profchaos308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

The vanilla version can probably give you a solid 15 hours of enjoyment.

The community is really good since it's pretty small nowadays they always seem to welcome people in my experience since after all they don't want their game to die.

Plus it's cheap and if you do enjoy it the DLC is always on sale every few weeks

I don't have the DLC but I get allot of enjoyment out of roaming New York the city is just incredible and so detailed I'd buy it solely for that

showtimefolks308d ago

Thank you i will look into it

cfc83308d ago

It all depends what you want. I think it's worth it. It's cheap, and to me offers value. I roam around solo also, for the small skirmishes to gain collectables etc....however, when i enter missions i do a search for randoms. I find this the best way to play the game. Some people say you can quickly do single player missions, but i like to spend time doing random stuff, like shooting car tyres, trying to enter buildings that can't be entered and appreciating the bullet physics and general enviroment. Go at your own pace. Often people say a game is 'boring', but maybe they're just creating a boring experience for themselves.

Legion21307d ago

I started playing avidly in the last couple of months or so and I have been enjoying my time. You don't actually need the DLC, though it does provide some more variety. As far as playing solo I don't know, I'd find playing through the story solo boring. The end game content is where the game shines and that could be played solo or with randoms

Vegamyster307d ago

The game is pretty good right now, the first months were pretty rough but Ubisoft did a great job sticking with it & improving it.

thorstein307d ago

Just make sure you turn off PVP in Survival, easily my favorite mode and more akin to what I thought the game was going to be.

The game is quite fun, but you can't really do any of the big raids if you are going solo. The DZ can be good since they tweaked it and the enemies aren't total bullet sponges now. Going rogue is easier and everyone knows. You can still DZ by yourself. I do.

sprinterboy307d ago

I played the division from start to finish on my own as my friends let me down playing it together and really enjoyed it, great story imo and great environment to explore.

showtimefolks307d ago

Thank you is there a lot of story DLC expansion packs for buy ?

sprinterboy307d ago

Unfortunately not story wise but there is dlc which has been too hard for me to finish on my own, as it's more suited to group gameplay

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi308d ago

gamestop got the division for 15 bucks now. Was gonna pick it up tomorrow.

MagicBeanz308d ago

How has "it always been between these two", they are completely different games. Just because they are both MMO's doesn't mean they're anything alike, also is it not possible to praise one without shitting on the other?

quent308d ago

Its pretty easy to shit on Destiny 2 and the people who continuously support the ip

MagicBeanz308d ago

Its just as easy to let it go and not worry about it if its something that doesn't interest you.

Profchaos308d ago

I always figured the division was more of a response to destiny 2 but they were apples to oranges ones more story driven the other has like 3 cutscenes and is focused on community interaction

_FantasmA_308d ago

How are they competing when one came out in Sept 2017 and the other in March 2016? Thafuq?

coolbeans308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

I don't think it's that unfair of a comparison. You have to look beyond their release timelines here. To explain:

-The Division 1.8: How updates of the base 'looter-shooter' have expanded the game.
-Destiny 2: Sequel TO the original which started said 'looter-shooter' craze lacks in comparison. Even if treating Destiny 2 as a big "update" of the original, it's lacking in comparison to somewhat-similar competition.

It's a strained-but-not-unjustified comparison.

_FantasmA_307d ago

The Division was being compared to Destiny 1, not D2.

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