Top 5 Gaming Tech Announcements at CES 2018

From an updated HTC Vive headset to a nostalgic revitalization of the Nintendo Game Boy, CES 2018 had no shortage of goodies for gamers.

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crazychris4124335d ago

BFGD is going to be crazy expensive. Acer 4k144hz monitor will be around $3k and come out in April. Wouldn't surprise me to see $5K price tag for a BFGD. Im upgrading my GPU this year just before my warranty ends, looks like it will be a Nvidia card since AMD is only going to rebrand Vega for this year. Will probably get an affordable 4K60hz IPS monitor for great color reproduction and 1440p144hz gaming monitor for most of my gaming needs, would love ultrawide but its double the cost for a ultrawide g sync display.

Sarcasm335d ago

I honestly don't think it will be that expensive, it will probably be in the range of a typical high end 4K display. Maybe $3000K?

Eh who knows, I want one too though.