Bethesda Looking Into Fallout 3 Leak

Were you the one that leaked Fallout 3? Well, you better not be, because Bethesda is looking to find out just who did! Bethesda VP Pete Hines says they've narrowed it down and they're gonna get you!

"We're looking into it. Since we haven't sent out a single disc, it greatly reduces the number of places this might have come from."

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tocrazed4you3481d ago

Is in a lot of shiet lol.

Lanoire3481d ago

When you play with fire, expect to get burnt bethesa.

60million and 2 years of work, down the drain?

JsonHenry3481d ago

Who cares? They are still gonna make mega millions.

Only about 1% of console owners know how to mod a console. And that one percent will not make that big a difference.

shovelbum3481d ago

Burn em at the stake on public television. That'll deter pirates for a couple hours. It does suck for the company tho but I doubt it'll affect the bottom line too much. It's gonna be a huge seller.

TheTimeDoctor3480d ago

1%? im not sure if thats true its quite easy to flash most 360s, but people are quite stupid so you may be right.

mercyless93480d ago

this had to happen once the game releases. Ppl with flashed 360's get to play it few days earlier. thats it. this doesnt hurt bethseda anyway.

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lodossrage3481d ago

since not a single disc was sent out.

Whoever it was, their ass is grass

Lanoire3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Losing 60 million and 3 years of hard work. WELL DONE, Bethesa.

Thats what you deserve.

All these idiot developers moaning about PS3 being hard to develop for. Well smart asses, there is a reason why it is so hard and unconventional design!!!

Hahaha, he who plays with fire, gets BURNT!

xaphanze3481d ago

oh no I'm going to jail =(

avacadosnorkel3481d ago

...Bill's 360 broke, so it wasn't him.

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The story is too old to be commented.