OWL may be amazing, but playing Overwatch competitively remains toxic

Blizzard has tried to fix it over several seasons, but now we're losing hope.

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xX1NORM1Xx338d ago

i don't play overwatch much usually just when they release a new character and only played ranked in the 1st season but no matter the game when you add ranked modes people start to care about their rank and how good they are, then people start to be dicks to people "letting the team down" its kind of unavoidable with ranked gaming or ranked anything really.

PhantomS42338d ago

Competetive on Overwatch is disgustingly toxic. It's impossible to have fun when at least 1 person is screaming and raging because you picked a certain character when it's really them who are doing poorly and holding the team down. I haven't played since August after they released Doomfist then immediately nerfed him to being basically unplayable. Even the newest character didn't really pull me back.

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