Fable 4 is The Xbox One Exclusive That Microsoft Are Looking For

Is the heavily rumored return of Fable the flagship exclusive title that Microsoft should be focusing on this year?

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FallenAngel198498d ago

Fable wasn’t that big a franchise to begin with

RacerX97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Fable is not the exclusive MS should be focusing on... They should be focusing on MULTIPLE exclusives, including Fable.

It seems to me, a problem has tried to let too much ride on one exclusive here, a d another one there. They expect one exclusive to carry the console too much in a season.

Thatguy-31097d ago

Fable was NEVER a huge franchise stop lying to yourself. The game never reached gears of war or halo type level commercially or critically.

kreate97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Fable is a great game. It has a good following kinda like persona 5 on the ps4.

Let's just forget about fable 3. The series is not a Goty material like persona 5 but it's one of my favorite games.

I'll take fable4 over crackdown, state of decay, or cup head.

fable is a better than u think game and one many xbox gamers are familiar with. I just wish it was on the ps4.

Edit: I don't trust the rumor though; I can't imagine MS revitalizing the series. If so, I'm stoked.

Obscure_Observer97d ago


"Fable was NEVER a huge franchise stop lying to yourself. The game never reached gears of war or halo type level commercially or critically."

Fable II is 89 on Metacritc and sold more than 4 million copies. Fable III sold more than 5 million copies.

Based on these numbers, if Fable is not a huge franchise, i don´t know what Horizon Zero Dawn is for Sony.

Obscure_Observer97d ago


"I don't trust the rumor though; I can't imagine MS revitalizing the series. If so, I'm stoked."

If the rumors are true, you´ll not be the only one. If Fable turns out to be the open world action rpg which Playground is currently working on, i can see many people waiting for this game to hit the PS4 getting disappointed.

Yes, Playground games never reffered to their new rpg as "new IP" so...

Time will tell. ;)

indyman7797d ago (Edited 97d ago )

It kinda was and kinda was not. I liked it. But when I got the the end of one of them there was a bug that would not let you pick up a item so you can continue. I went on there forum and MANY people are saying the same happened to them. Months later Peter M. said only 2% of people finish games so they was not going to fix it.

With me he burned a bride. I don't owe you another chance to steal from me.(had to say that because some people think you owe companies a chance to steal from you agai).

TheCommentator96d ago

Between the, "Playground is probably making Fable 4." rumors and the statement that MS is hiring for an open-world RPG like Horizon: Zero Dawn, I'm hopeful that they are finally making a real open world Fable akin to Elder Scrolls. I just hope they ditch the pirates theme (especially since they have SoT) and get back to the themes of the original.

Going back to a time before the first Fable would be a good avenue to explore, IMO.

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HaveSumNuts98d ago

That and also when we found out the main guy designing the game was a compulsive liar

AngelicIceDiamond98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

It was was big game until Fable Kinect ruined the franchise.

Fable's been out of the game for so long everyone forgot how big it was for its time. Its gonna be 8 years since we've seen a proper sequel to the game.

TheMuffDiver97d ago

Yes going from Fable 2 then to 3 was a major let down for me. Hopefully Fable 4 will get some justice.

babadivad96d ago

I liked the fact that you were king in Fable 3. You could be benevolent, or absolutely cruel and RUIN your counties economy while enriching yourself personally.

Has some odd parallels to whats going on in the world today.

Either way, it was fun finding out how truly evil you could be. And how much your deeds effected the world around you.

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lxeasy98d ago

I get that this is N4G and 70% of ya just have to hate on Xbox, but to deny that Fable is one one of Xbox'x biggest exclusive franchise is a new low. smh damn the haterade is real.

2pacalypsenow98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Fable has been irrelevant since 2010.

Fable Heroes
Fable: The Journey
Fable Fortune

Can you honestly say all those fable games after 3 have been heavy hitters? Please, stop lying to yourself.

Frinker97d ago


None for those were traditional, mainline Fable games.

It's the equivalent of judging Ratchet and Clank's performance as a series based on All 4 One and Full frontal Assault.....

2pacalypsenow97d ago


Right but there hasn't been a traditional fable game since 2010, and the studio behind Fable has been closed, so how can you say it's still relevant without a single important game released in 7 years and the original studio no longer exists. The series lives only by name.

Jinger97d ago (Edited 97d ago )


So you're saying that because the series has taken a hiatus from main entries and that it has fallen by the wayside, somehow that means all the past success means nothing? Okee dokee. So by your standards Crash remaster should have meant absolutely nothing.

Just because it hasn't had a relevant release in 7+ years doesn't mean people have forgotten that the series was still a hit and should be brought back with a proper full entry.

lxeasy97d ago

Fable is a beloved franchise and I for one hope we see Fable 4.

No Way97d ago

Frinker - dont ruin 2pacs name by calling this phoney 2pac lol. Call em "Senow," or "alypse," 😁

2pacalypsenow97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

It hasn’t been on hiatus, they have released 3 fable games that were shitty lol, even if they werent mainline games. That’s like me saying Socom and twisted metal are still relevant even though they haven’t released good games in years. They’re not. They even shot down the studio that developed the Fable 😂.

But y’all can keep thinking fable is still relevant.. 👍🏻

I for one hope If fable 4 is real that’s it’s half as good as Fable 2, but I’m not holding my breath for it.

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Brian765549297d ago

Fable sold 1.5 million copies, Fable II sold 3.5 million copies. As you can see it was at one time a fairly significant franchise but it went downhill after Fable II. Fable IV could hopefully bring it back.

ConsoleGamer97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Wrong reply

Trez123497d ago

Big or not fable is a system seller for me. I love all of them and miss the franchise.

ConsoleGamer97d ago

But but exclusives don't matter no more so they clearly can't be system sellers.

NeoGamer23297d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Ya on Xbox 360 the Fable II and III only sold 10 million copies in total.

It is obviously a very nominal franchise that no one cares about. /s

bluefox75597d ago

It was, until the series was tainted by Fable 3 and the Fable Kinect. I'm not sure if it's salvageable at this point. Though I wouldn't mind them trying. Probably the only MS first party game from and established IP that I'd be interested in buying at this point.

Obscure_Observer97d ago


"I'm not sure if it's salvageable at this point."

Playground is gonna give to ya! (Hopefully) ^ ^

mkis00797d ago

I disagree. It was once a big the 360 era. But that style of the world is great and I personally can't wait to see what someone knew comes up with for the franchise.

IT should be noted I actually liked 2 and 3. 1 was eh for me.

SlapHappyJesus96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

The three games proper sold around 10 million combined.
Yeah ... that's actually pretty significant.

All with around the same numbers sold, meaning that the series itself had staying power, and a strong fanbase.

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Automatic7998d ago


According to your fanboy logic no Xbox exclusive is big.

lxeasy98d ago

Yeah he's still stuck in the 2006 console wars

r3f1cul97d ago

ive played all of the fable games ... honestly nothing truly remarkable about them IMO :/ i mean decently fun games and its a big name i cant deny that its a big xbox "exclusive" but even as a main xbox player im not looking forward to any of the og xbox franchises ever returning at this point honestly :/ they are in desperate need of a hard reboot of all their franchises or to just come up with some new IPs that stick because im so sick to death of halo, gears, forza... every time i hear one im just not even close to being excited ... sure they are solid enough for the most part but they are just stale and boring, and somewhat safe and the repetition is beyond real :(

babadivad96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

The way you feel about Fable is the way I feel about Metal Gear, God of War, Devil May Cry, and Uncharted[granted I only played UC1 and wasn't particulaly impressed with it].

Though not a popular opinion, I felt that the original Splinter Cell trilogy was far superior to MGS 2 and 3. MGS was supposed to be a stealth game, yet you didn't have to be stealthy or use your brain to be successfully. YOu could just gun everyone down. In Splinter Cell, if you got into a shoot out with two enemies, just like in real life, odds are, you're gonna die. Also, the MP was an absolute BLAST.

With GoW[sorta] and especially DMC, Ninja Gaiden was a FAR superior hack and slash. I didn't understand why people were so enamored with a game that felt so comparatively clunky. GoW at least was still fun with the epic boss fights, I could see how people could like that game. But DMC was just, meh.

Uncharted 1 was just too repetitive to me. I liked Nate, but I don't know. Just didn't grab me. I hear UC2 was a FAR superior game, and maybe I'll pick it up[still have fat PS3] but UC1 turned me off on a seemingly great series.

TLoU was more my cup of tea. That was the best game I played on last gen consoles. An absolute masterpiece.

nmbr1esq97d ago

Yes, Fable is the game that M$ should be creating. However, there is one caveat, that being that it should be a re-boot. Thereafter, the next installment should only advance a few years rather than the ridiculous leaps into the future Molyneux allowed.

we42097d ago (Edited 97d ago )

I'm hoping it'll be a reboot. The steampunk stuff was cool but the time period of 1 was the best.

timotim97d ago

I hope to see a Fable reboot at some point. Open world Fable in the vein of recent Zelda, but one where you create your character, or at least pick from a fairly large group of presets. I'd like for it to keep the humor, but make it a little darker and more realistic looking. Could be amazing.

TyrellCorp97d ago

Dude. This. So much this lol

gangsta_red97d ago

It's definitely the smartest direction to go in.

I would also say turn the humor down a bit. Part 3 was just flat out stupid with the juvinile jokes, it needs to be definitely serious.

-Foxtrot96d ago

Recent Zelda? Nah...more like Elder Scrolls or Witcher if we are going the open world RPG route

I want a world full of life and a huge variety of things to see and do.

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