GameSpot: TGS 2008: Bomberman Ultra Hands-On

Last year's Bomberman Live was something of a rejuvenation for the long-running series, thanks in large part to the 8-person online play lending a new sense of chaos to the game's otherwise familiar formula. Now Bomberman is coming to the PlayStation 3 in the form of Bomberman Ultra. Hudson has the game running at the Tokyo Game Show, so GameSpot had a go with it to see how well the little blue and white mascot is making the transition to Sony's console.

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Why o why3420d ago

generations on the cube was my favourite. 4+ mates over and bosh, great night in. Guys n girls welcome. This is a true multiplayer game

thereapersson3420d ago

It's about time the Playstation family recieved another Bomberman game. I haven't played a good Bomberman game since the days of the PSone, and that was Bomberman and Bomberman World.