4 Games That Gave Birth To A Brand New Genre

These games not only defined themselves as brand new groundbreaking titles, but they each undoubtedly inspired other developers and gave birth to a brand new video game genre.

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naruga101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Dark Souls and Not Demon Souls????? ...learn to give credits where really belong .. ...when i see writting that Dark Souls began a new genre or IT started all i m annoyed, DS is just a more colorful Dem Souls just to be easily digested by wide audiences....Demon Souls was also a cooperation between Sony Japan Studio and From Software -so partly this genre of a game wouldnt exist wihtout Sony s partitipation and open minded game development (no matter if they screwed it later )

NordicRainy101d ago

I think the reason it's Dark Souls instead of Demon's Souls is the difference in popularity. Both were highly rated games, but Dark Souls was the one that really blew up., and got the mainstreams attention. Demon's Souls was talked about, but nowhere near as much as Dark Souls.

nucky64101d ago

your point is up for debate; but, it isn't even the question - the title says games that gave rise to a new genre........ demon souls was first, so it gave rise to the genre, NOT dark souls.

Dragonscale100d ago

Popularity doesn't count in this instance. Demon's Souls was the first not Dark Souls its not difficult lol.

nucky64101d ago

agree 100%. demon souls started the genre - NOT dark souls.

XtaZ101d ago

The "Souls-genre" was nothing new when From Software popularized it. Did none of you play Severance: Blade Of Darkness? Hell, even that game probably didn't create the genre either afaik but it's the first "Souls-like" game I played that comes to mind, 8 years before Demon' Souls was released.

Morpheuzpr101d ago

You should know better judging by your name. Neither DeS nor DS created a new genre. They're just a different take on the Monster Hunter's stamina management based gameplay.

naruga101d ago

completely agree ^^ ...but would seem a bit less understandable to most people in here , because very few people could do that connection between gameplay styles as most people havent even played MonHun...again kudos to you you r in my mind

101d ago
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Sciurus_vulgaris101d ago

Demon Souls birthed a sub-genre of Action-RPG. PUBG's battle royale is a mode, not a genre.

Scar-101d ago

Exactly this is why I don't care for pubg it's literally just that one game mode thats all you get.

Sciurus_vulgaris101d ago

I don't care for PUBG either. I think the game's success,is due to lack of competition in the battleroyale landscape, and not its actual quality.

Asuka101d ago

IDK about minecraft but:

1. Demon Souls technically gave birth to the genre, and Dark Souls made it popular.

2. PUBG didn't give birth to anything. It is a rehash of the BR games before it. It is Arma BR on UE4. But PUBG did make the game mode popular sales are proof of that.

on_line_forever101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Dark souls is the most favourite game to me of all time since play station 1 genration

I love the atmosphere in this game and the gameplay specialy in Dark souls 1 & 3

Iam so hype for the next souls game specialy for something mixeing between dark souls 1 , bloodborn atmosphere and the perfect gameplay and combat in dark souls 3

Imalwaysright101d ago

Who the hell wrote this tripe?

fenome100d ago

Probably someone who just started gaming last gen and had no idea what they're talking about.