IGN: TGS 2008: Square Enix Booth Report

With Star Ocean 4 and Last Remnant featured exclusively next door in the Microsoft booth, Square Enix's Tokyo Game Show 2008 booth was all portable this year.

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Angelitos3419d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, they bribed Square Enix for this "relationship." Poor Xbots, M$ will never fully gain them becuase SONY owns 20% of SE.

Poor Xbots

tocrazed4you3419d ago

Square enix sold its soul. Thank god 20 percent of sony is in SE with Nomura still in there.

[email protected]3419d ago

^ Dude Sony only own like 9 percent of the S-E shares after the merge with Enix those shares fall to half... sadly.

giovonni3419d ago

Sold its soul????????? That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Square is a business not a natural person. My point is not to take a stab at your intelligence or to be disrespectful. Its more on the lines of understanding that this generation belongs to the gamer not the fan of just one company representing systems. So has it really come down to this? 4th grade name calling, and senseless rhetoric... You know the kind... " OOO they have abandon us,it would be so much better if it was on this system.ooooooo, its flawed now...... oooooooh I miss the old days.oooooo, where is the support.... lol..... Is it really that bad ?

NegativeCreepWA3419d ago

Whats pathetic is how people turn their backs on one the greatest rpg creators in the industry just because it decides to make games on another console.

I don't know about you guys, but loyalty lies with the developers that make the games I enjoy not with the hardware its played on.

WikusVanDeMerwe3419d ago

quote "Whats pathetic is how people turn their backs on one the greatest rpg creators in the industry just because it decides to make games on another console."

I am NOT picking a side or downing one or the other this is just pointing out the obvious.

It is very hard for me as a mostly Sony consumer with PS3 as my "preferred" console to not turn my back or at least to the side with Square and here is why. They have went multiplat which is GOOD for them and I am happy for them but in doing so they turned their backs on the PS3 by giving 360 exclusives. Why can't they treat both companies the same? That's what all the fuss is when it comes to Sony vs MS with Square.

I'm sure my flawed logic will warrant me untold disagrees; or the fact I prefer something someone else doesn't.

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OmarJA3419d ago

Sigh... there is nothing interesting.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3419d ago

I wanna destroy that mega theater wall.

Marceles3419d ago

All portable sigh...

(thinks of the old Squaresoft days to be happy again)

LostChild3419d ago

Ah, the days of being with Nintendo...that is what you were talking about right?

NegativeCreepWA3419d ago

Didn't you know. About 90% of this site isn't old enough to remember back past the PlayStation and N64.

That's why most of the site thinks FF7 is the best in the series, when really FF6 is.