Hideki Kamiya Imagines Devil May Cry 5 with a Full Style Change Like God of War

Original Devil May Cry Director Hideki Kamiya provided an interesting point of view on a new direction that Capcom could take with Devil May Cry 5.

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FinalFantasyFanatic337d ago

Anyone remember DMC, not exactly the same thing we're talking about, but you get the picture.

FallenAngel1984339d ago

DMC5 with no jump button? No thanks

Speak_da_Truth338d ago

Is this what you took away from that tweet? lmaooo

Dark_Knightmare2338d ago

Yeah because the tweet was referencing just that specific thing lol smdh

ZombieKiller337d ago

lol really. Comprehension fail.

PhantomTommy339d ago

God of War was always an action/adventure game first and foremost. The combat is really fun and satisfying but far from deep. The new God of War should be fine as long as it can keep up the pacing and that action/adventure feel. Devil May Cry on the other hand was always about the "anime-style hack and slash combat" as Kamiya puts it. There would be outrage from the fans if they moved in a more cinematic direction -- you saw what happened when DMC simply removed some of the complexities that DMC4 introduced. It was still a hack and slash with SOME depth but the fans still went crazy. I love Kamiya and there's obviously a much bigger market for cinematic games these days than character action games, but I don't think the new game would survive the backlash from series veterans.

Apocalypse Shadow338d ago

I'd rather just have the regular ol Dante from Dmc 1.

But if I were thinking extreme, a more darker game at the level of the original Berserk anime. And when Dante swings his sword, someone dies and gets cut through.

And Ebony and Ivory would be a cheese factory with the amount of enemies they turn into swiss from lead poisoning.

But I'd still want him eating pizza.

Picture_Dancer338d ago

Enen dmc1 remake would be amazing

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The story is too old to be commented.