After Killing Battlefront II By Its Microtransaction Models, Will EA Repeat The Same With Anthem?

Walking in the footsteps of Activision, the US publisher, EA, also wants to get rid of the balanced matchmaking system in multiplayer. Officially, this would increase the involvement of the players. Will EA repeat the same mistake with Anthem after killing Battlefront II by its microtransaction models?

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affrogamer103d ago

Oh I hope tf not! I'm really anticipating this game

jeromeface101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

You should hope they do, unless you want it to flop like BF2 did. Remove microtansactions that is.

stefd75103d ago

now they know the gamers have power they wont and if they did we would cause hell for them. Kneel before us EA

Nyxus102d ago

I'm sure it will have microtransactions, the question is will they tone it done compared to Battlefront II or go all out?

UCForce102d ago

It’s EA and they will a find a way to screw us.

corroios102d ago

Im afraid that will happend. I think that game is also in trouble....

Relientk77102d ago

I'm worried about Anthem and the next Dragon Age

UCForce102d ago

Don’t forget about next Battlefield. Under EA control, nothing will be safe from them.

bigmalky102d ago

The next Dragon Age will either be cancelled or ruined by a tagged on multiplayer mode which does not belong in the single player, storied RPG genre because EA need to find a way to monetise everything.

bluefox755101d ago

I'd be worried about the next DA even if EA wasn't behind it, Inquisition was a bit mediocre IMO.

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The story is too old to be commented.