Aaron Greenberg Announces Switch as December NPD Winner

"Was trying to just thank folks for supporting us and the incredible success following the launch of Xbox One X. But yes Xbox outsold PS4 in December for Gen 8 consoles according to NPD data, while Nintendo also had a great month as Switch had most overall units."

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NewMonday308d ago


and Xbox has not won a month on home turf all year, gaming is now just Nintendo/Playstation/PC

UltraNova308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Oh Aaron...desperate much? Where did the "we will not be discussing sales anymore" thing go?

I guess congrats on getting 2nd place...(?)

SuperSonic91308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

See I told you guys. Nintendo's new PR consultant is Aaron Greenberg!
No one does that straw grasping "fastest selling" tirade for Nintendo like Greenberg.

Ecerytime he opens his mouth he either opens a can of worms or incur the anger of many gamers.
Now MS and Nintendo 9s really teaming against the PS4.
Bring it baby!

septemberindecember308d ago


What the hell are you on about?

Prince_TFK308d ago


I’d love to have a whip of what you are having right now.

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NoPeace_Walker308d ago

Congrats to MS and Nintendo. My two most played consoles in December. XB1X 80% and Switch 20% usages. Well deserved. 👍🏼

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Cobra951307d ago

For Nintendo, obviously. The tides were washing it away to sea last gen, and now they've pushed it back on shore.

darthv72307d ago

Not surprised about the switch but seriously... did xbox outsell the ps4? That is the surprising part considering all the promos for a $199 ps4 on gamestop and amazon and other retailers.

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DARK_WOLF307d ago Show
SuperSonic91307d ago

After selling 5.9 million Sony can not put enough PS4 on the shelves in December. They need to restock.

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indyman7777307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

I've been signing Nintendo praises as much as anyone else (Well .... close). But after PS4 took November I didn't expect SWITCH to take the biggest month of the year in it's first Christmas season ever! Wow.

Even MORE socking is Xbox was ahead of PS4. I'm sure the pent up demand for x1x and, he lower riced slimmer bundle version of xbox one helped.

I'm wondering if Nintendo haters will keep down playing it as much? Grasping at straws?

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Dark_Knightmare2308d ago

lol you're not serious are you

littlezizu308d ago

Not really if you look at overall picture.
December NPD Sales

PS4 : 1,300,000
NSW: 1,450,000
XB1: 1,375,000

Switch won December followed by Xb1. PS4 suffered from scarcity of stock during 1st week.


As of December NPD YTY (from Jan to dec 2017)
PS4: 5.772,773
NSW: 4,829,000
XB1: 4,294,946

Overall PS4 won the year with nearly 1 million more than switch and 1.6 million more than XB1.

Krangs_Uncle308d ago

This has got to be the lowest I have seen MS go, lol.. Just when you think they can't lower the bar anymore. Pure desperation. Aaron Greenburg has got to be the most hypocritical, obnoxious spokesperson in the history of gaming. Making a 'win' out of this is utterly laughable.

The fact that the Xbox was kept at $189 helped dramatically, and the Xbox still couldn't even come 1st this month, nor once in the whole year! Are we going to get articles on how the PS4 won on revenue out of the two? I highly doubt it.

Globally is what really matters, and the PS4 dominated...

jaymacx308d ago

PS4 had low stock probably because of that insane "why anyone would pass up on" 199 price tag during the week of Black Friday. Console gaming is doing just fine

FinalomegaS308d ago

should put an * beside the Switch since it isn't Jan-dec 2017

As of December NPD YTY (from Jan to dec 2017)
PS4: 5.772,773
NSW: 4,829,000 - *March- dec
XB1: 4,294,946

343_Guilty_Spark308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Scarcity of Stock? Where was PS4 scarce?

Victoria’s Secret?
Bed Bath and Beyond?

starchild308d ago

Looks like three healthy platforms.

Also, you really should mention that those Switch numbers were achieved in a shorter time frame.

Neonridr308d ago

so now the PS4 lost because of stock? You don't think the Switch didn't have stock issues as well?

Come on, give MS the pat on the back and move on.

butchertroll308d ago

Looks like PS4 won holiday season overall in US, Xbone is 2nd, Switch 3rd.

trooper_308d ago

I don't know why Microsoft thinks getting bodied by two competitors is a good thing.

dcbronco308d ago

Krangs both consoles had special pricing the entire holiday season. If Xbox One benefited from it so did PlayStation. And these mythical shortages people are talking about are a joke. Both Xbox and PlayStation sold out of the sub-$200 offerings quickly. The base consoles were never out of stock. The only console that was out of stock was Switch. It consistently ran out. Though the numbers received were less than the others. It was clearly selling better. I worked at a Gamestop this holiday. A high volume store that had all-time revenue totals. There were always PlayStation 4s available. Especially Pros. Again, only the special $199 bundles sold out. Just like the $189 bundles sold out for Xbox.

Bronxs15307d ago

Switches wins December **points out PS4 stock scarcity in first week of Dec***

PS4 wins the year *** DOES NOT point out switch was unavailable for Jan and Feb or switch stock scarcity for first few months after launch ***

Oh boy.... and they say Aaron is desperate.

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jent307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Source? According to many mainstream press sites, NPD has not released these number (as of 5 hours ago).

Munnkyman307d ago

I have to say just looking at those numbers, makes me smile. The video game industry is still going strong

Ceaser9857361307d ago

Thank you Littlezizu for the info.. Some section will still rejoice a 2nd place..

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butchertroll308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

This year will be the lowest Xbox One sales to date in US.

Xbox One sold below 1.5 million in December, so below ~ 4.3 million for the full year.

Xbox One previous low was 2014 with ~4.4 million sales.

This is also the first time, Xbox One falling behind X360 in yearly launch aligned sales in US. Worldwide already happened since 2016. That's good. And this is the first NPD year where Xbone didn't reached No.1 place.

chiefJohn117308d ago

ROFL, I thought you said PS4 would outsell the Xbox for Dec npd

UCForce308d ago

@chiefJohn117 But did Xbox One outsell PS4 Worldwide ? My answer it didn’t.

NoPeace_Walker308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Butchertroll, like ChiefJohn said, whatever happened to your "PS4 will definitely win Dec" prediction? Now that it finished last place on NPD in Dec, the goalposts narrative moves again. 😆

butchertroll308d ago

Chief and NoPeace

Do some research. Even if i said that, it's called prediction

Kribwalker308d ago

that’s funny, i didn’t realize when someone said NPD about butchers prediction that he was talking about worldwide.......

rainslacker307d ago

I'm surprised X1 didn't do better given they just released a new mid-gen that apparently was going to be wanted by so many people.

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threefootwang308d ago ShowReplies(2)
butchertroll307d ago

Some percentages are out. 1.00 ( Switch ) is baseline because Switch has sold the most in December. So :

Hardware ( for example, Xbone has sold 91% of the volume of the Switch )
Switch : 1.00
Xbox One: 0.91
PS4: 0.72
3DS: 0.50

"I do and these are based NPD numbers"

Switch sold around 1.4-1.5 mil. in December

Ceaser9857361307d ago

"Dec NPD
PS4 : 1,300,000
NSW: 1,450,000
XB1: 1,375,000 "

Seriously!! Some section gonna boast about this low margin figure and Greenberg damn!! this dude is now cheering for Nintendo and happy with a 2nd place lmao!!

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Eonjay308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Congrats to Switch. Congrats to Xbox for finally beating the PS4 for a month after over a year. Aaron talks in riddles but i think that 'Xbox outsold PS4 in December for Gen 8 consoles according to NPD data' is hard to screw up. He has to mean that the Xbox One outsold PS4 in units sold.

Edit: I am only interpreting what he is saying. I wish he would just say it plainly. I am going to take a leap of faith and say that this means that NS>XB1>PS4 when looking at UNITS.

Septic308d ago

Haha Eonjay come on brah...its not really a riddle. We all know he wants to go in like Ric Flair but can't. Well he's entitled to I guess.

Congrats to Nintendo and Xbox

Lokii308d ago

And most of all to sony for being the winner over all

Z501308d ago

Why congrat second place, but not third?
That's wierd/

Eonjay308d ago

According to the data the Xbox One beat the PS4 by 75k units so its worth saying congrats to all.

Septic307d ago

Congrats to all then :)

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TankCrossing308d ago

The fact that he carefully specifies "gen 8 consoles" suggests there is some more broad metric that is less favourable? Perhaps NPD tracks PSVR as hardware, and Sony could lay claim to December NPD victory. Something like that anyway.

Vizigoth04308d ago

I thought they were eliminating the generation mentality?

G20WLY308d ago

^Not if it helps Greenberg to gloat. I guess they finally found their sales figures folder that's been missing for years!? And in the month they launched a NEW console and sold last year's for $189 😂.. 🤔 Yeh, grats! 😁

yigarog307d ago

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Shubhendu_Singh308d ago

I think it is obviously NS>XB1+XB1X>PS4
It kinda makes sense that MS PR won't include PSPro in the Ps4 category but would add XB1X in their "Xbox" generalization.

Of course I am not saying things would had been different if we add PS4Pro sales. They could have still won. Congrats to MS because they need every little victory they can get.

sinspirit308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Always remember, MS tells how many units are sold through to retailers. Not consumers. There are plenty of stores out there that have pallets of products that they have bought, but consumers haven't. I'm pretty sure seeing two pallets on the floor of my local Best Buy full of XBox One X's does add up to a lot of sold to retailer for a midgen upgrade if this isn't uncommon. "Incredible success" until retailers refuse to stock up on more even with any deals MS throws their way. Sony reports how many are in consumer hands(and I believe Nintendo does the same). When I worked in an electronics store we would commonly get a pallet or two full of XBox's before every quarter and major holiday as if to create a sales spike but it would take a while to actually get the inventory off the shelves. Offering discounts for retailers to buy up on stock helps here.

kneon307d ago


Microsoft used to use channel stuffing to inflate numbers, but it's a short-term gain as retailers won't be ordering more until they clear what they have. That makes the numbers in the following months drop more than they should have.

rainslacker307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Don't the NPD numbers include the mid-gens in the total sales though. I think they do track them separate, but they're reported together. NPD itself doesn't actually release these numbers publicly anymore. That's up to some 3rd party to do.

@channel stuffing

The thing about channel stuffing is it gives them the numbers during the holiday when they most need it for their quarterly reports. Then, during the slower periods of the year, they end up selling them eventually, only to order more for the last quarter of the year the following year.

-Foxtrot308d ago

"Sales don't matter"

- Microsoft

Eonjay308d ago

Honestly, Aaron should have let Nintendo have the limelight instead of using it as an opportunity to claim victory... which would require them to beat Nintendo...

-Foxtrot308d ago

Nintendo is the company Sony/Microsoft fanboys will use and exploit if their side is loosing. Whether it's sales, exclusives or something else.

They'll use them in a way like they are rooting Nintendo but really they are doing it because they think "Well if my side is loosing then there's no chance in hell I want to support the rival side so I'll big Nintendo up as I'd rather have them win if my side can't". If your "side" is loosing then it's a lot better to counter point with something if a Microsoft fanboy was going to argue about exclusives then they'd rather big up Nintendo exclusives because they know it's better then trying to defend Microsoft's poor line up

Kind of sad to be honest...I mean a lot of you might laugh at this but you see it plenty of times on here...and no that's not making Nintendo look bad here, I'm just saying because the Sony/Microsoft rivalry is stronger here and they are more direct in competition then obviously Nintendo is going to be in that position.

It's like sucking up to the third wheel of a group when your main friend is being an ass and you're trying to get back at them.

Death308d ago


You are clearly speaking for yourself. I bought an Xbox One X in November and a Switch in December. The Switch’s success for 2017 and Xbox One’s December sales simply show there are other viable alternatives to PS4.

Obscure_Observer308d ago (Edited 308d ago )


This has nothing to do with real gamers like yourself. That´s why i kind agreed with Foxtrot when we´re talking about fanboys.

I remember the hate towards the Nintendo Switch when it was first announced. Underpowered, Handheld, Gimmick, Mobile (because the Nvidia´s Tegra), Another Wii U etc...

Now that the console is out and it´s a success, everybody wants to ride along. PC gamers, Xbox gamers, PS gamers.

Nobody says anything about DOA anymore. It´s all about "congratulations Nintendo, you deserved it".

Gimme a break! Fanboys hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Godmars290308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Maybe off topic, but yes like the PS2 dominating it's gen as the most under-powered console, Switch taking the lead now is another example of content/exclusives over system power. Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey did more to sell Switchs than the XBX being the XBX. Likewise being able to play the likes of Skyrim, Doom and tons of other likely last gen remakes on the go as well as at home is probably going to cement the Switch as #1 a good while as MS starts to pretend again that numbers don't matter against the PS4.

UltraNova308d ago


The ps4 is not lacking in exclusive software against the Switch though, and it certainly trumps it in the tech department.

TankCrossing308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Fanboys piggyback Switch or PC, depending on whether the fanboy in question is insecure about exclusive games or hardware power.

DialgaMarine308d ago

@-Foxtrot Or they could be people like myself who still game on PS4 primarily, but have the Switch as secondary console?

Godmars290307d ago

Didn't think I had to mention that the PS4 has both exclusives, strong 2nd party support as well as 3rd party titles. Still, Sony emphasis on tech has made them lose something in regards to how games for their systems are made.

Nintendo is still separate from the Xbox/PS argument/console war, only where once they were a near forgotten joke, they're where they were with the Wii: in a position that could leave both in the dust in sales.

And if that happens, its going to be because of games and accessibility, doing what can be done with the tech on hand, rather than - saying - rushing to the next level.

Silly gameAr307d ago

It's funny watching some of the biggest fanboys on this site trying to act neutral. So fake.

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308d ago Replies(8)
jrshankill308d ago

Or how about using logic. Switch was a huge Christmas present, and more stock was readily available in December.
I bought a Switch and One X, both in December. Glad to contribute to the tears.

UCForce308d ago

I can say the same thing with you,@Obscure_Observer.

spicelicka307d ago

Who is Microsoft and when did he or she say this?

TKCMuzzer307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

The bigger worry is how low are their expectations? Winning one month in their strongest market and only by a few thousand, not sure that's worth celebrating, more worrying as I can't see the situation improving anytime soon.