The Switch's Success Won't Undermine the Xbox One X

The Xbox One X had a reasonable launch period since its debut, the 4K powerhouse making a name for itself despite a lack of 1st party content for the console. But with a massive launch under its belt and a ton of Game of the Year contenders pushing it forward, there’s no doubt the Nintendo Switch has left Microsoft with a lot of questions it needs to answer quickly if it’s going to remain relevant in 2018.

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FallenAngel1984307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

I’d be more concerned about Xbox One as a whole than the iterative console

“With the Xbox One X, there’s an opportunity to somewhat wipe the slate clean”

No it doesn’t. Microsoft’s issues are still evidently present and this premium console further highlights this. Rather than releasing new blockbuster first party titles, the thing people will remember the most notable thing that Microsoft did was release a mid gen refresh. For perspective, New 3DS & PS4 Pro weren’t the biggest headliner for their companies when they first released in 2014/2015 & 2016 respectively.

“With power at its side, the One X can claim the strongest console on the market moniker, and there’s some pulling power on store shelves so far based on early results.”

According to VGC, as soon as December began Xbox One sales fell behind Switch again. Even with the X on the market the console is still in 3rd place durin the holiday season.

“Sea of Thieves, meanwhile, could be the biggest title to aid the cause, standing out from the crowd with its color and humor. It’s Rare hopefully back at their best, and that’s the kind of studio Microsoft needs to back in much the same way Nintendo supports the likes of Retro Studios and the Pokemon Company.”

Even if SoT turns out great, I doubt it’ll be on par with the developers golden age performance during the SNES & N64.

Also Nintendo doesn’t own the Pokémon Company. Even if you meant Game Freak, Nintendo doesn’t own that developer either.

“Thankfully there’s also been some moves of late in the indie market, i.e. Cuphead, that reflect back on a time when the Xbox Live store was the place for big indie titles and creative new IP’s.”

The days where Microsoft’s console was the biggest bastion of indies are long gone.

NewMonday307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

It won't because MS undermined the Xbox themselves. been like that since the start of the generation.

The Xbox brand is so negative that Nintendo can launch a console several years into the generation and overtake them as the biggest competition to PlayStation. at this rate even Sega hardware can come back from the dead and launch a console.

LgbtWarrior306d ago

Exactly. They will never truly recover or get ahead from this generation competition. The next gen I hope they learned from their massive mistakes.

306d ago
Death306d ago

@New Monday,

The Switch is outselling PS4 since release and breaking records on the way. Does a console have to sell better than PS4 to be considered a competitor? What in your mind isn’t preventing Xbox from being a competitor of PS4? It sounds like you have some pretty cool double standards going here. Using your logic, the PS4 isn’t good enough to be competition to the Switch.

Chevalier305d ago


" The Switch is outselling PS4 since release and breaking records on the way. Does a console have to sell better than PS4 to be considered a competitor? What in your mind isn’t preventing Xbox from being a competitor of PS4? It sounds like you have some pretty cool double standards going here. Using your logic, the PS4 isn’t good enough to be competition to the Switch."

No actually it didn't. The time the Switch did 10 million the PS4 sold the PS4 did 15.5 million. Last I checked 15.5 > 10. Math, please learn some.

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FallenAngel1984307d ago

To give credit where credit is due, 36+ million sold isn’t a pitiful number to disregard.

Sega has no chance of reentering the hardware business. At 16+ years old, the Xbox brand has been relevant in the industry longer than Sega’s console brand has when it was a competitor in the industry.

Let’s not pretend that the Xbox brand is nonexistent. I’m just saying that it’s erroneous to place all of Microsoft’s hope for a massive comeback in an iterative console as that doesn’t solve all of their issues.

Rude-ro306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

First, that is an estimated number and in no way can be backed up. That is just a sample of how much an issue is with Xbox/Microsoft. And I notice the lot of you keep trying to push that number upward, but it is not going to change the fact that no one knows their sell through numbers.

FallenAngel1984306d ago

VGC has the Xbox One estimated to be 36 million by the end of the year.

Even if you choose not to believe that to be the real number, whatever the Xbox One has sold isn’t a pitiful number by industry standards.

343_Guilty_Spark306d ago

PUBG is the blockbuster. 3 million sales in 19 days.

The other new games are coming.

Nyxus306d ago

According to the logic of many Xbox fans here, that's a horrible attach rate. Over 90% of Xbox One users did not buy the game!

Aenea306d ago

3 million sales already? That's amazing!

Good thing the X1 doesn't have anything like Gamesharing or something like that huh?

Death306d ago


If 10% is a horrible attach rate, what does that say about the only important games on PS4 that sell in the 1-2% range. When exclusives on PS4 that struggle to hit 1 million sold are the main focus for PlayStation fans, it’s weird that those games appeal to less than 2% of the fan base but are considered to be the only games that matter to so many on this site.

Exclusives are great for giving a platform identity, but they aren’t the most important asset a platform has.

Nyxus306d ago

@ Death: I was being sarcastic, that was my point. 3 million is a great success for PUBG, but every time a PS4 game sells a few million people will start talking about attach rate in an attempt to downplay the numbers.

Goldby306d ago

there hasb't been 3 million sales of PubG.
theres 3 million players, but that doesn't mean 3 million sales.

xX-oldboy-Xx306d ago

PUBG is a timed exclusive with massive hype and a huge streaming audience. Of it's going to sell well on a console that is devoid of new games.

I hope the money spent was worth it in the long run, invested and having faith in your own studios would probably been a better choice.

TKCMuzzer306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Eh, I thought it was 3 millions players. That is NOT the same thing, you can have more than one user on a console. There is a reason they say 'players' and not copies.

343_Guilty_Spark306d ago


Even if we assume half of the the 3 million users share the game that’s still 1.5 million users in 19 days.

The Wood306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Ha ha

death got triggered. You missed the point there bro. In other news this gen is has now become the battle of who comes second..... it'll be tricky to catch the x1 but with npd being it's best region it's safe to assume no other region comes close therefore it's a possibility Xbox could finish last to a console that come out past half gen. . . I think that would cause a big exodus from n4g . . . How could those who championed npd for years survive. . .

I wonder what is the most important reason the PlayStation is trouncing the Xbox if exclusives isn't it. . .

'Exclusives are great for giving a platform identity, but they aren’t the most important asset a platform has'

trying to frame the argument that ps fans say exclusives are the only reason doesn't detract from the fact they're still a major reason.

tontontam0306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

XBOX fanboys - "exclusives are not relevant, sony exclusives only sells 3-4 million out of 90 million ps4 users."

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3-4-5306d ago

Microsoft would be smart to start focusing on next gen with some new IPs. They need to load the next Xbox's first two years with a ton of games....Like a record breaking amount of new and awesome IPs.

I wouldn't even put new games out for the XB1&XBX1, I'd just focus on next gen and make sure you get a good push and have a good showing right away.

Also take Halo away from 343....they are not good.

showtimefolks306d ago (Edited 306d ago )


doesn't Nintendo own like 50% of the pokemon IP or the company that makes pokemon?

for anyone to say xbox X will help or hinder ms we just need to see a longer track record. Almost every new device sells early on it's about having a long term vision/plan

RadicalCannibal306d ago

Aint got time to read all that waffle of negativity

WilliamSheridan306d ago

The Xbox outsold PS4 in America in November and December...

davand114305d ago

I believe Nintendo co-owns gamefreak.

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DJK1NG_Gaming307d ago

Actually it will or already have.

eagle21306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Exactly. Let me fix the title: "The Xbox One X Won't Undermine the Nintendo Switch's Massive Success". lol

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Thatguy-310307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

The Xbox one X hype died down so quickly LMAO What happened to the idea of everybody flocking to the most powerful console in the market?? I'm more than positive for December NPD Xbox is going to be dead last again HAHAHA Switch undercut the Xbox brand and replaced it as a competitor to the ps4.

Wikkid666306d ago

PS4 got dead last.... but nice try.

travestyj306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Yet beat it the month it released. People aren't buying the Xbox One X they're buying those dirt cheap Xbox One S's

It's embarrassing Xbox One couldn't win a single month all year in the U.S.

bluefox755306d ago

First in global sales, just like it is every month.

Elda306d ago

P$4 sold the most consoles in the states & globally in 2017,that's not dead last at all. They're #1!!

Death306d ago

More fans claiming a system has to beat PS4 to be a competitor...

Since no one is beating Switch, wouldn’t that mean the Switch has no competition? Your logic is flawed.

Tazzy306d ago

My local Walmart still has the same Xbox One X in the same spot locked up since Thanksgiving the Xbox brand is on its way out when it comes to consoles.

TKCMuzzer306d ago

Hold on Batman.......The video games industry is a world wide industry, the figures look very different when you take the whole planet earth in to account....

Just so your aware...there are countries outside of America.....don't believe everything your President tweets.

Death306d ago (Edited 306d ago )


If both consoles had the same worldwide appeal/market, worldwide numbers would be more relevant. We all know Sony is “winning” in worldwide sales, but it’s only important when you compare apples to apples. Microsoft is focusing on regions they actually sell their products. Regions where Sony shines and Microsoft is absent are irrelevant to them.


Is that a slam on Microsoft, Walmart or the town you live?

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Jide306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

You need to rethink your positivity then. Xbox one was number 1 in December according to NPD.

TKCMuzzer306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Wrong, facts are important, it's even more important to get them right.

LgbtWarrior306d ago

I know right? It sold well the first month then tanked. With pro you knew you were getting a checkerboard dynamic 4k machine. Xbox you were promised a true 4k then got shafted. Hardcore gamers knew what was up.

wonderfulmonkeyman307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Okay, when was this a concern, and who's the divisive console warrior trying to make it into one?
Can we not just be happy for all three doing good numbers going forward?

TheColbertinator306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

No one will be happy. I rather have all the N4G community fight fight fight.