What's The Chance of PlayStation's Spiderman Releasing in 2018?

This Week on The PlayStation Podcast, host Joseph and Kyle, talk about the impact of wolfenstein two, their excitement for the PlayStation 4 exclusive Spiderman game made by Insomniac. The gang, has a good laugh over the state of Metal Gear Survive, the blurred future of Uncharted and so much more.

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mkis007336d ago

Well the original release window was first half of 2018, so even with a delay id say its locked.

DialgaMarine336d ago

Pretty high, if you actually pay attention

SickSinceSix336d ago

Higher chance than me listening to your podcast.

anthonyj0609336d ago

The fact that those bitches at insomniac are not giving a release date troubles me! They have something pulling them back ! What it is ? I don’t know!