Dark Souls Remastered will be discounted by 50% to all PC owners of the first game

DSOGaming writes: "Earlier today, Bandai Namco revealed that Dark Souls Remastered will be coming to the PC on May 25th. Naturally, and given the awful initial state of the PC version of the first Dark Souls game, a lot of PC gamers wondered whether this would be a free upgrade for them. Well, contrary to the Bioshock remasters, Dark Souls Remastered will be a separate product. However, there will be a great discount for all PC owners of the original game."

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NordicRainy341d ago

A shame it won't be free, but the chance to finally play the game with 60fps is good enough reason for me to buy it again, and play it again.
(I know you could use DSFix to enable 60fps, but I heard it could make the game unstable so I didn't bother with it, just used it for 1080p)

Movefasta1993339d ago

It was unstable but when it worked it was awesome

DreadGara339d ago

Most importantly is the game servers, always been the main problem.

TedCruzsTaint339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Yeah. I couldn't be bothered fixing the game for them. The only title in my steam library I did this for was Deadly Premonition, and only because I hold that game near and dear to my heart.
Happy with this gesture though, being that I bought the game (admittedly at a discount), but could never be bothered to play the game at 30fps/720p.

That said, I wonder if the discount will hold to future Steam sales as well, being that I can't really justify paying almost 30 bucks (about $8 originally, then $20 here), to play a proper version of a 7 year old title on PC. Especially when I can get the two sequels, together, for about the same price.

-edit- NVM
Just noticed that this discount is not accurate. Well, with that said, can't wait to grab this one on G2A for a few bucks in about a year or so. Already paid you once for a lackluster, cash grab, port to PC. You aren't getting my money twice. Unless this hits Steam for $10 before the same can be said on G2A, anyway.

Moral of the story, if you are going to release on PC, at least give the bare minimum and allow for 1080p/60fps out of the gate.

Brian7655492341d ago

Why don't we see these goodwill gestures on the console?

AspiringProGenji341d ago

Probably because the console version wasn’t broken.

NordicRainy340d ago

The PC version wasn't broken. It was flawed (30fps cap, 720p max without DSFix, lack of graphics settings and bad kb/mouse controls but honestly these games were made to be played on the gamepad). It was more playable than the console versions for sure.

SilentSolid339d ago

PC version of DS was basically the console version, quality wise. That's why it was criticized. Higher standards there.

PurpHerbison339d ago

But the PC version was a raw console port...

KTF26339d ago

it's not broken
PC gamers aren't happy with the straight console port
but unlike console you can get solid 30 fps in blighttown

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Intentions341d ago

Probably cause it'll be hard to prove/track that you have owned or still own the game on console (excluding digital version).

uth11339d ago

because dark souls isn't on PS4, XB1 Switch?

SirBradders339d ago

Because PC gamers are broke from spending all their money on Hardware :-p

agent4532339d ago

Probably because console gamers don't demand it for it.

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Genova84339d ago

Any news on what's in this remaster? I see 60 fps, native 4k, but that doesn't tell us much.

Rivitur339d ago

All dlc, 60fps, 4k, 2k textures, updated online multiplayer

Actually just here:

beanplant339d ago

Is everyone not aware that you can already play this at 60 fps on PC with a simple mod? The only reason I see of getting this is for the online invasions seeing as probably the player base will migrate to the new version. And maybe better graphics?

Darkwatchman339d ago

It will have better graphics. The original pc version is a straight console port. We already know for a fact that this remaster will have “2k” textures on pc, so higher quality texture work than any existing version of it has. And who knows what else they’ll do to it

Rivitur339d ago

Can we get this article taken down? it's been reported that no one will be getting any discount

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