Throwback Thursday! Anyone for a round of Frolf?

Josh writes: "In the days of yore when you’d wander down to the local shop to pick up a copy of PlayStation magazine and their latest demo disc, I stumbled across something spectacular. Twas a game unlike any other I had cast my eyes on. Ribbit King – a golf-like sports game created in 2003 by Insanity and Jamsworks that instead of using small white balls is played with frogs and catapults."

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crazyaejay11d ago

Fantastic game! I included it as #3 on my top 10 weird Japanese PS2 games list a few years back:

JoshFullSyncGaming11d ago

#3? I need to see what beat it to top spot haha

PhantomS4210d ago

Hopefully Katamari or Noby Noby Boy...good lord those are weird, and I love them.

10d ago
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