Nintendo Switch and PS4 Start 2018 With Explosive Week in Japan According to Media Create

The Nintendo Switch is the king of the Japanese New Year, and the PS4 also shows strong sales in one of the busiest Holiday shopping weeks.

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Themba7610d ago

the japanese gaming tsunami rages on in 2018

gikiwuli10d ago

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Rare9d ago

the only people I could imagine falling for these pathetic advertisements are dumb af children..

shame on you for taking advantage of dumb inexperienced kids and or mentally handicapped gamers, and shame on this site for allowing these to infiltrate nearly every comment thread for years and years..


Father__Merrin9d ago

I hope you fall down the stairs you freak!!! Your a liar and a sad pathetic excuse of a human posting scam links

bouzebbal10d ago

Wow X1x sold single digit.. never seen this before.

jrshankill9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Lack of stock in Japan. Check the Xbox Feedback forums, more Japanese stock is a legit feedback point, with Japenese gamers being unable to find the console in stores.

On the homepage no less.

Doesn't mean that there is huge demand for it, but it does seem to be a legit problem.

bouzebbal9d ago

so there were only 9 consoles in the whole country?

Theknightofnights10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Wow, I think Splatoon 2 has officially outsold both the 3DS and PS4 versions of Dragon Quest XI in Japan...

I expect some killer numbers for PS4 the next three weeks. Monster Hunter World is coming up.

Kribwalker10d ago

the craziest part is the top 9 spots are all nintendo. They truly are the kings in the land of the rising sun

G20WLY10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

That must feel good, backing a winner for a change! 😉

See you in the European articles? 😁

gangsta_red10d ago


*Looks up*

Right on que Krib ;)

Kribwalker10d ago

The only way i’m not backing a winner is if it’s on PC, as that’s the platform i don’t have/play on. I can play the best exclusive Racer (forza horizon 3) shooter (halo 5, pubg) fighting game (KI) Platforner (Mario odyssey) action adventure rpg (zelda botw) RPG (persona 5 if i was into turn based games) adventure (UC4) action (bloodbourne) games of this generation. Owning all three consoles and being able to play anything i want is true #winning

10d ago
Lime1239d ago

I wish that Xbox One was number 1 in any country in the world.

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Moonman10d ago

146,006 Switch consoles sold. Even ARMS is in the top 10. Go Ninty!

FallenAngel198410d ago

Don’t use that derogatory term

2pacalypsenow10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Eh, thought it was just a term for Japanese people, didn't know people got offended by it...

Rare9d ago

the term derogatory offends trans people, so let's not see you ever use that term again bigot.

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Rare9d ago

you should probably google most words nowadays since everyone gets offended by everything.

try telling a millennial there's only two genders.. you'll have a 50% chance of being slapped or doxxed.. it's an Orwellian world gone mad.

personally, I've never let a word offend me, but it's best just keep your mouth shut in this over the top politically correct world lol

vergilxx38d ago

Or you can use them and don't give a fu*ck like me

Woolly_10d ago

It's nice to see Nintendo back where they belong.

Lime12310d ago

And Xbox One in last place where it belongs.

10d ago
KwietStorm10d ago

I agree. Now get back under your bridge.

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