The nintendo Wii can play PC games

Yes, that's right, Nintendo fans can start laughing at Xbox, and PS3 owners.You can now in fact mod your Nintendo Wii to play PC games. Of course it comes with the risk of never being able to use the actual Wii interface ever again. The basic idea is that you can fit the parts of your PC into the case of a Wii. Technically its not a Wii anymore, but hey, who's going to know? Now all you got to do is put up the Wii interface as your desktop, invite a few friends over, throw in Crysis, and amaze them for life.

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CEO of Troll Corp3541d ago

Since the wii can already output better graphics than the 360,i'm not surprised

Captain_Sony3540d ago

Hmm I cant agree with that because the 360 has had many games that look superior to the PS3 and your statement also implies its more powerful than PS3, especially when games like GTA4 run at 720p on 360 and only 640p on PS3. It's sad that in your attempts to make one console look bad, that you also make your chosen console look bad, but whats even sadder is you do not even understand you are doing it.

GlossGreen3540d ago

taking the Wii components out to swap in PC components is not getting the Wii to play PC games. So, no. The Wii cannot play PC games. Misleading title and lame story. All they did is swap cases. Not very interesting or useful. I don't think anyone would be stupid enough to believe that headline.

Sitdown3540d ago

For their next trick...they should show the step by step process of how they can turn an ordinary sock into a sock puppet.

Shane Kim3540d ago

You can do this with PS3 and Xbox as well.

Avto3540d ago

Actually you can play some PC games on PS3 for real without swapping the parts.

Caph3540d ago

This has got to be the stupidest article ever

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The story is too old to be commented.