IGN: Supersonic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars Review

This is a game that requires a hefty time investment if one is to get as good as the folks who made the game (and they're capable of some impressive feats of acrobatics to be sure). At $15, it's just a bit too pricey for IGN to recommend to just anyone, but if the whole idea of pool-meets-soccer (with cars) sounds interesting, well, check out the demo. A flat- out buy, however, is another matter entirely.

Presentation - 6.0
Graphics - 7.0
Sound - 6.5
Gameplay - 6.5
Lasting Appeal - 5.0
Overall -

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Lou-Cipher3541d ago

I have been playing this game online for a couple hours now,and it is very very fun.

I'm surprised that this game got such a low score.

I will say the wait times to get a game online is a little tiresome.

Worldlib7773541d ago

Got the Game as soon as it came out and I have played it online with my buddies for 5 hours(you can play 4 players spilt screen online)and i had NO lag or connection problems at all. My friends and I had a great time kicking butt online against the other players online! [side note: Warhawk and this game "SARPBC" are the only games so far that you can play 4 players split screen online against other players, more games need to do this] The game is easy to pick up yet can get very deep strategically. The fact that you can play ranked match online is awesome but what is even better is that You can make a team [1-4 players and it can vary you don't always need it to be 4 it can be just 2 players if the other people dont show up] and then be ranked as a team, this includes the split screen mode on line! The Game looks good only 3 maps though, plays like a sport game but runs like a car game, the cars can jump and turbo in to each other. runs smooth, custom soundtracks are a option the game is definitely a invite your friends over game and kick butt online or offline type game!
the game should get a 8.0 not a 6.5

saello2mylilfrin3541d ago

I'm gonna have to disagree with this review. BIG TIME. I love this game. I hope the community grows larger cause it is extremely fun to play and well worth $15 which can be split amongst friends.

The graphics aren't all that 'Next Gen' But its the gameplay that gets you. Who can say no to Mario Kart + Soccer? NOONE!

And a game with a title like that just SCREAMS ENTERTAINMENT.

Forbidden_Darkness3541d ago

Well we obviously know who sucks at the game and gave it a low score because of it ;) (yes, im talking about you IGN, and no, im not being a fanboy just because its on the PS3, if it was on both or just the 360 i would be enjoying just as much!)

This game is awesome, and with DLC coming for it, it can only get better :)

avacadosnorkel3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

everytime I try to access online there says there is only 3 or 4 games

I like the game but feel ripped off because I'm stuck playing with bots

slave2Dcontroller3541d ago

and deleted it for good. The visuals are sub-par considering the PS3s' tech and I would never pay $15 for this game when WO;HD was $20 and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY better.

PoSTedUP3541d ago

yea i saw "15$" and though it was way to steep. did you really delete a 15$ game though? lol. i deleted a bunch of games i payed for but never one that expensive, but honestly, if it isnt worthy of staying on my HD then it has gots to go. ; )