All Battlefield 1 Operations Are Now Open to All Players, No Premium Pass Required

To help keep the Operations mode servers populated, DICE is giving all players access to new maps.

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Community307d ago
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Finch307d ago

Haha me and a friend were just about to buy into it too. Just as soon as we had enough of pubg. Well better then just buying them last week and then hearing this. But yea. Will pick this back up soon

Phoenix76307d ago

I was also tempted to buy up the season pass last week whilst on offer. But then I remembered that they did the same with bf4. All season pass maps got made free for all as well.

Silkside307d ago

Premium passes are a cancer on gaming. It splits the community and the games become a ghost town.

_FantasmA_307d ago

Agreed. I just reinstalled the game last week for some unknown reason. I love the game, it's definitely the funnest Battlefield game, but content wise, it has been lacking.

_FantasmA_307d ago

Call me crazy but I think Battlefield 1 is the funnest Battlefield of all. The graphics still blow me away and they immerse me like few games can. The draw distance is amazing and really helps me see snipers from far away. I love the movement and the shooting mechanics much better than BF4. I stopped playing BF1 in Jan 2017, but came back about a week ago and I like that I can play the new maps in Operations, but wish I could play them in all game modes :(

I just bought BF4 last week too. Fun, but still buggy 4.5 years laters and most of the maps are trash. The player base is split though, because there doesn't see to be enough servers with the premium maps. Also, nobody seems to want to play defuse or obliteration, cause I don't really care for conquest. I never cared for defuse/search and destroy type of game modes (except for in Counter Strike 1.6 and Source because they did it right). I do love the customization and the amount of guns, though, and I'm hoping they bring that to the next Battlefield game but without the muthereffing loot box battlepack bullcrap.

Since I came back last week to BF1 and bought BF4, I have now decided I will no longer support Activision, not even their Zombies mode, which was the only reason I bought WWII.

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