IGN: World of Goo Review

This is why digital distribution exists, and why it has such awesome potential in our industry. Whether you're looking at the style, execution, interface, gameplay, expandability, soundtrack, or polish, World of Goo manages to easily climb its way through piles and piles of mediocre Wii titles and raise the bar not only when it comes to WiiWare, but any package on Wii. It may not be a gigantic, epic adventure, and it doesn't feature Mario, Link, or Samus, but it represents exactly what this industry is about, and what it was founded on. World at Goo is one simple concept, executed to near perfection, and for that reason alone, it's worth your cash. It's simply one of the best WIi titles out there.

Presentation - 9.0
Graphics - 9.5
Sound - 9.5
Gameplay - 9.5
Lasting Appeal - 9.0
Overall -

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Brian52473568d ago

@ WiIGN reviewers. They give anything a 9.0+

Intrepid3568d ago

Haha... I think the last game they gave above a 9 was Brawl. That was in March. Not one site has said anything bad about this game.

Maxned3567d ago

Oh shut up nobody likes you and nobody likes it when you make those kinds of comments. Seriously do you get off by making stupid comments that nobody benefits from?

BrotherNick3568d ago

This is a for sure buy now...I wonder how much it'll be.

Maxned3567d ago

Wow! Thats incredible! I guess this is the best wiiware game so far.

condorstrike3567d ago

World of Goo should be rated at 10, since this is a beautiful title and is going to be the goal for wiiware, the way Zelda is for full games.
Besides they gave Lost Winds an 8.2, i don't know what would take for a 10 with these people...

9.0 for lasting appeal? WTF "IT'S WiiWARE", the type of games you finish once or twice only, come on!!!
Well at least is above a 9, can't wait 2 more days...:)

TheColbertinator3567d ago

Holy Sh!t.That score isn't even given to games like Wipeout HD or Braid from IGN.

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