PlayStation Game of the Year 2017: The Winners, As Voted By You

PS Blog: "We asked you to vote, and you showed up! 2017’s Game of the Year polls saw an astounding 1.6 million votes across all categories, with over 150k votes in the “Best PS4 Game” category alone. Thank you!"

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sigrid338d ago

I think the winners here really emphasize that PlayStation owners actually do value exclusives. Outside of Sports and Multiplayer every category was won by exclusives.

SuperSonic91337d ago

Nioh, HZD, NieR: Automata or Persona 5 you can't go wrong with any of these games. They are all critical and commercial master pieces. Worth every second and worth every penny.

337d ago
Gamist2dot0338d ago

Agree with most of the choices...but no love for Nioh... :(

InKnight7s337d ago

Its not Nioh fault it does release with ton of other RPGs like KH2.8, persona5, Nier, HZD, Couple of FF remasteres, couple of another great games not rpgs. I think the winners here no the games or staff, it the players whom had the chance to play and choice between all thiese incredible games.

Army_of_Darkness337d ago

Nioh looks and plays mediocre in comparison to the other ps4 exclusives..

rivaldoo777338d ago

Lol best story and best soundtrack and best performance Horizon?? Really??
Best story and soundtrack should go to Persona 5
Best performance is either Chloe or Hellblade main actress
Jesus Horizon was boring as fuxx!!

Rhythmattic338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Your opinion vs a survey with 1.6 mil votes .. well, it is what it is, a popular vote. Each to their own.

Asuka338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Personally Nier Automata should have gotten best story or at least best soundtrack. But yes, as mentioned above it is a popular vote and there is no doubt that HZD sold more units and is a widely more known title than Nier Automata or Persona 5

UCForce338d ago

Horizon Zero Dawn deserves it.